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Road Trip Project: Driver's ED

No description

Matthew DeTore

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Road Trip Project: Driver's ED

My Car: 2013 GMC Yukon 1500
Tank Size: 23.7 gallons

Combined MPG: 17

Miles on a Tank: 403

Map Route
Day 1: Map/Route & Roads Driven
Day 1 : Fuel
Hotel :
Day 2: Map/Route & Roads Driven
Point of Interest
Road Trip to
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

by Matthew DeTore
Day 1 : Food
5 Things to Do Before Leaving
1.) Make sure you have all Identification Cards.

2.) Have needed funds with you.

3.) Double-check luggage.

4.) Check car lights to make sure engine and oil are updated.

5.) Make sure there is a map in the car.
Roads Driven:

E Main St/IL-17 to
Rt. 4 to
I 64 to
I 70 to
US 61 to
US 36.

Miles Driven: 142 Miles
Gallons Used: 15.4
Price per gallon: $1.99
Total Gas Price: $16.51
Trip Totals
Fuel Cost: $39.08

Total Food Cost: $312.00

Hotel Costs: $194.00

Point of Interest Cost: $34.00

Grand Total: $579.08
*No breakfast first day.
2 Kids - Lunch: $24.00
2 Adults - Lunch: $34.00
Lunch Total: $58.00
Eating at Chili's in Hannibal, MO.
Eating at Riverside Smoke House in Hannibal, MO.
2 Kids - Dinner: $31.00
2 Adults - Dinner: $50.00
Dinner Total: $81.00
Total Cost for Eating on Day 1: $139.00
Price of Stay: $95

Address: 120 Lindsey Drive Hannibal, MO.

Day 2: Fuel
Day 2: Food
Roads Taken:
1st St W exit, EXIT 19C
Miles Driven (from Hannibal): 169.2
Gallons Used: 9.9 Gallons
Price per Gallon: $2.28
Total Gas Price: $22.57

Breakfast at IHOP
2 Children - Breakfast: $15.00
2 Adults - Breakfast: $19.00
Lunch at Arby's
2 Children - Lunch: $24.00
2 Adults - Dinner: $34.00
Dinner at Cheddar's:
2 Children - Dinner: $31.00
2 Adults - Dinner: $50.00
Total Cost: $173.00
Price: $89

Address: 350 First Avenue NE Cedar Rapids, IA.

Website: MarkTwainMuseum.org

Cost: 2 Adults: $22.00 - 2 Children: $12.00

Info: The Boyhood Home, a National Historic Landmark, the newly reopened Becky Thatcher House, Huckleberry Finn House, J.M. Clemens Justice of the Peace Office, Museum Gallery and Interpretive Center for one ticket price.

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