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Computer Programming?

Programming And Its Impact On Society

Shikhar M.

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Computer Programming?

How Technology Affects The Environment
The Internet Of Things
An Introduction To
History Of Programming
Procedural & Object Oriented Programming
Computer Programming?
Central Idea
Lines Of Inquiry
Python, Java, HTML & CSS, C++, JavaScript
The Effects Of Programming On The Brain
Its Impact...
Let's talk about it.
The development of modern technology affects people's lifestyles.
Different programming languages and their different impacts on society

How the need for code has developed over the years

The different and important places programming is needed and used

How technology affects the environment
You sure about that?
Let's get started.
I thought so.
Easiest way to program
Steps executed in order
Difficult to change order
Easy to re-use
Harder to write/understand
Made up of different pieces
Java, Python, C++, Ruby
Versatile: Used in YouTube, Google, NASA
Built in tools help with productivity
Popular in web development
Limited distribution capabilities
Has a suffix of .py
Used to make web pages
Design, layout and functionality
Simple to write and learn
Has a suffix of .html
Used to design and format a page
Provides a general layout for multiple pages
Has a suffix of .css
Java is used to create desktop applications
Write Once, Run Everywhere
Used in Android OS
Used in Global Investment Banks
Has a suffix of .java
Hyper Text Markup Language
Cascading Style Sheets
Chrome, Firefox, Safari use C++
Extremely fast
Used in gaming for rapid rendering capabilities
Used in Telecommunication
Has a suffix of .cpp
Scripting language
Used in web development
Has a suffix of .js
Used with HTML & CSS
Increases problem solving abilities

Releases dopamine

Makes you crave harder problems
Technological nature is destroying actual nature. For them to co-exist, we first must accept that.
All of your information; private, personal, business, work; all on the cloud; accesible from anywhere; secure, safe & reliable. It knows what food is best for you; what dress code you should wear today;
the internet of things knows what you want, before you do.
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