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Rajkamal Ganesan

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of Communication

Basic Communication Layout
Different Communication Media
Mainly used for TV
Twisted Pair
For data and voice signals
Computer Networking
Using beams of light
Basic Network Architecture
Node 1
Node 2
Node 3
Node 4
Examples of Networks
The internet
Networking in a campus
Server Building
FTTO stands for fiber to the office

The generic term is actually FTTx, Fiber to the x

x can mean home / office / premises / curb
Schematic Diagram of a network within a bldg
Core Switch
Distribution Switch
Edge Switch
Edge Switch
Core Switch
Equipment Room
Telecommunication Room
Horizontal Cabling
Backbone Cabling
Distribution or Edge Switch
Why did we use different media in different places?
Is fiber better than copper ?
What if fiber was used everywhere?
This question leads us to see the big picture, which is...
So what is FTTO?
In the FTTx series, FTTH (Fiber to the Home) and FTTO (Fiber to the Office) are the major ones
They may sound similar, but they are quite different
How are they different?
In FTTH, all data is broadcast to every node. While in FTTO, each node receives the data relevant to it
So implementing this concept to the whole building ...
From Hamm, Germany
Labeling field
Reset button
LED Display
Switch/Port/PoE Status
Uplink Port
Local Ports
Energy Efficient Ethernet
PoE+ (max. 30 W)
Expansion Port
Downlink Ports
Energy Efficient Ethernet
PoE+ (max. 30 W)
Memory Card
Configuration Storage
Our Successful Projects
Concourse 3, Terminal 3 , Dubai International
Concourse 4, extension of Terminal 1, Dubai International
To the eyes of
To the eyes of
Passive Optical LAN
Spearheaded by
Our Competition
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