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Explore the changing nature of male masculinity and how mark

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Jeanina Andreea Axinte

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Explore the changing nature of male masculinity and how mark

Explore the changing nature of male masculinity and how marketers market to men.

What are the characteristics of the modern male and how are marketers capitalizing on these changes?


Strong (manual labour)
Success defined by providing for family with stable job

Similar to 1910s, but diluted
Men are less chivalrous
Men behave less gentlemanly - borderline sexist
Less modest
Power and success no longer equated with a stable job, but with more liberal and exotic ones

Sexism becomes womanizing
Political image reflects men's image
Dawn of Metro-sexual lifestyle
Power and success now equated with body image
In the last 100 years, the male image, and general masculinity has become more "Metro-sexual". Men are slowly being held up to the same standards and conventions as women in terms looks and appearance. As a result marketing is becoming increasingly aggressive in the way products are marketed toward men.
"Ladish" behavior
Immaculately groomed
Power and success solely equated by muscular body image

How are marketers capitalizing on these changes?
- How are marketers now marketing to the new "Metro-sexual" man
- 3 Methods
1. Product Diversification
2. Market Development
3. Product Placement


Kiehls Cosmetics:
Product Placement
Product Placement

An advertising technique that promotes their products through innovative techniques, usually through appearances in film, television, or other media
Questions ?
What is it ?

Business expanding to a new market through a new product they have never made before.
Riskiest strategy
Due to the rise in demand for these products, many businesses and companies have taken the risk and diversified

1. Idea generation

2. Idea screening

3. Concept development and testing

4. Marketing strategy development

5. Business analysis

6. Product developmention

7. Market testing

8. Commercialization

Steps of product creation and diversification
Kiehls cosmetics making more and more new products for men
Workout creams
Now more than 30% male customers
Chinese market

What is it ?
Expansion in a new market with the same, existing products.

Some products that were previously only marketed to women are now aggressively marketed to men

Male enhancement products:

Did not exist 30 years ago
Result of social pressure and new definition of masculinity
Effectiveness is not guaranteed,
Demand is driven by men who want want the perfect masculine metrosexual body

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As a result marketing is becoming increasingly aggressive in the way products are marketed toward men.
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