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2012 Open Space - Elevating Our Core

No description

glenn penna

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of 2012 Open Space - Elevating Our Core

5 to 2000+ people -- working in one-day workshops, three-day conferences, or the regular staff meeting -- the common result is a powerful, effective connecting and strengthening of what's already happening in the organization: planning and action, learning and doing, passion and responsibility, participation and performance. 2. Share Topic aloud with others
-title of Idea/Topic
-your Name
- what Core Focus Area (optional) 1. Completing Sheet
-title of Idea/Topic
-your Name
- what Core Focus Area (optional) What is Open Space? “Open Space” is an approach for hosting meetings or conferences, focused on a specific and important purpose or task — but beginning without any formal agenda other than the overall purpose or theme. The approach is most distinctive for its initial lack of an agenda, which sets the stage for the meeting's participants to create the agenda for themselves. Open Space Technology is one way to enable all kinds of people, in any kind of organization, to create inspired meetings and events. it has inspired organizations, where ordinary people work together to create extraordinary results 20+ years If people find themselves in a situations where they are neither learning anything nor contributing, they are responsible for moving to another place --using their two feet to find a place where their participation is more menaingful. The
Law of
Two Feet Marketplace The Four
Principles Participants Generate & Self Organize Agenda How does Open Space work...? 3. Once everyone has introduced their idea/topic
they will they will secure a time and location @ the Community Bulletin Board Some ideas/topics may be redundant 4. Visit Marketplace to learn what topics you would like to attend
Collect printed schedules for times and locations Buffet Luncheon will be served in Sorenson Commons @12:45pm
Rockport Shoes held a 3-day, 300-person company-wide strategy conference in one of their warehouses and stumbled onto a couple of brand new product lines that netted $18 million in their first year of sales. The idea came from the security guard and made the previously quite skeptical CFO very happy. AT&T fast-tracked 10-months of design and planning work into ONE 2-day contractor summit when they were offered the opportunity to build their pavillion in the center of the 1996 Olympic Village in Atlanta. Evening News
1. very Brief Topic Report-Outs
2. Any announcements related to additions,
cancellations, mergers...
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