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Copy of Compound Nouns

Describes and gives examples of compound nouns

Laura Emory

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Compound Nouns

Compound Nouns A compound Noun is two or more words that are put together to make a compound noun.
Noun +Noun = Compound noun Compound Noun Foot + Ball = Football
Girl + Friend = Girlfriend
White + Board = Whiteboard
Eye + Brow = Eyebrow Ice + Cream =
Air + Plane =
Hair + Cut =
Make + up = Brother + in + law = Brother-in-law
Twenty + Two = Twenty-two
Eight + Year + Old = Eight-years-old
Check + in = Check-in Post + Office = Post Office
Vice + President = Vice President
Half + Brother = Half Brother
Free + Parking = Free Parking My sister-in-law is coming to visit.
Did you go to the Police Station today?
I love your haircut!
Is that your flashlight?
I know how to type on a keyboard.
I love going outside for recess.
Which is your favorite color blue-green or yellow?
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