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WEC - Alpen Bank : Launching the Credit Card

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bhupendra kunwar

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of WEC - Alpen Bank : Launching the Credit Card

Launching the credit card in Romania
Vikas Case Background Alpen Bank in Romania- excellent in serving affluent clientele
Hesitation over the years in launching credit cards because of :
Low per-capita income levels
Poor infrastructure
Population inexperience
Romania entered EU in 2000
Case Problem : Whether to launch credit card if it adds 5mn euro profit to consumer bank segment within 2 years
a) is there enough market?
b) enough households with enough money?
c) cost requirement to build a customer base?
d) is this a risky diatraction?
Case Objective : To form a compelling a business strategy with clear cut positioning Market Environment Analysis Political
Country's imminent entry into European Union SWOT Analysis Growth Strategies Product Development
Diversification Alternatives Revenue & Cost Analysis Credit Card Industry Background Recommendation Economical
Country has passed on the Recessionary Phase
Increase in total disposable Income Social
Shift in trend of consumers buying pattern towards Luxury good
Preference of using Cards instead of Cash Technological
Increase in the number of ATMs
Merchants using Card-Swiping machines Loyal Affluent Customers
A premium banking service Lower customer base Increase in per capita income
People going for luxury brand products Lower penetration of merchants accepting card payments
Already established players Revenue & Cost Analysis Break Even Analysis ( Affluent Customers) # of customers for reaching ROI Break Even Analysis (Middle & Affluent Customers) # of customers for reaching ROI Target Existing Customer Base(Affluent Customers)

Target Middle class and Affluent Both Considering affluent population who qualify for credit card as broad customer market A presentation by Group 9
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