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Moosehead University

No description

K *

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Moosehead University

Moosehead University Case Summary : Madness at Moosehead U Key Issues What Needs Improvement? • Lack of performance indicators and quality teaching
• No specific policy guide
• Wide variation of workloads, courses and topics
• Variation of number of students in each class,
and number of resources
• Lack of support available to students
• Lack of professional expertise
• Outlook and perception of the University
• Slashed budgets and decreased financial support • Update job specifications and descriptions

1. The Methods Employed:
How the employee performs the job
2. Time Measurement for Task Completion:
Time required to produce goods or service.

1. Job analysis neither updated nor reviewed
2. Job description or specification is too vague
3. Contamination and Deficiency
4. Time and Cost of Job Analysis • Implement performance indicators within six months
for faculty and professors or the University would be
subject to a severe funding cut
• Pressure for a reward on quality teaching, enhancing
job performance, and obtaining accountability
• The only internal policy guide is a senate document that specifies terms of the duties and responsibilities of full time faculty
Research and scholarly activities
• Struggle of past decades of slashed budgets and
decreased financial support Group Brainstorming Position Analysis Questionnaire Recommendations Critical Incidents Technique
• Guide the job analyst in refining faculty and employee specifications
• Identify the key elements of their jobs
• Relate to success and job failures • Consists of a checklist of 194 items that the job analyst will use to
rate the faculty and professors jobs
• Interview employees to get a score of each of the checklist items for
each employee on five point scales Scientific Management Problems Concerning Job Analysis What job analysis technique(s) or competency based approach would
you use as a job analyst and why? (Refer to page 102)
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