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Mexican Mafia

No description

Kristin Sutton

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Mexican Mafia

By Kristin Sutton, Elizabeth Patrone, Shaneika Goodman Mexican Mafia Origin Membership Hispanic Males (Code of Conduct, 2007 and United Sates Department of Justice, N.D.)
Loose Structure (United Sates Department of Justice, N.D.)
Gang Rules
1. No Homosexual activities 2. No cowardice 3. No disrespect toward other gang members 4. No cooperation with authorities (Code of Conduct, 2007 and Newton, 2007) Important Info •Inspiration for “Mexican Mafia” came from the Italian Mob
Also adopted the Black Hand from the Italian gangs
•1961--members proposed a new name that drew more on the Hispanic culture & set them apart from the Italian Mob, La Eme, which is Spanish for the letter M
•First gang to move from solely prison to out on the streets
•1993--outside members approached other Hispanic gangs & decided to make a peace treaty & join forces.
(Code of Conduct, 2007) Important Info •Ruthless gang that instills fears in others
•Members are always under the criticism of other members
•Collaborate with the Aryan Brotherhood
•Currently have different factions in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, and California.
(Code of Conduct, 2007 and Newton, 2007) Recent Events •Mexican Mafia associates- Avenues Gangs (October 2012)
•Mexican Mafia and Associates Takedown- San Diego (January 2012)
•Alleged members arrested in Orange County Raid (July 2011)
•Prison contraband: Video References Code of Conduct [Gangland]. (2007). The History Channel. Retrieved October 2012.
Levan, K. M. (2011). Gangs and violence in prison. In Chambliss, W.J., Corrections (pp. 108-118). Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications.
Mexican Mafia. (2012). The History Channel website. Retrieved November 2012, from http://www.history.com/shows/gangland/articles/mexican-mafia.
Newton, M. (2007). Encyclopedia of gangsters: A worldwide guide to organized crime. New York, NY: Thunder’s Mouth Press.
United States Department of Justice (N.D.) Prison gangs. Organized Crime and Gangs Section. (http://www.justice.gov/criminal/ocgs/gangs/prison.html). Founded in 1957, by Louis Flores
Originated in Duel Vocational Institute in Tracy, CA
Purpose (Mexican Mafia, 2012)
Began in the prison system & then grew to become a street gang in the 1990s “Spreading the Gospel”
The members were never the ones selling or smuggling the drugs they just collected the money
Drugs were not only sold in the outside world but were brought into the prisons as well.
Sell heroin, cocaine & methamphetamines- main form of income (Code of Conduct, 2007 and United States Department of Justice, N.D.) Identifiers
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