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Internal Assessment SL V2 (Business & Management)

Guide to HL Internal Assessment

Adam Ricketts

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Internal Assessment SL V2 (Business & Management)

Internal Assessment SL How to frame Business Management internal assessment research question? Example Questions!! Now look at this example IA
Is it any good?? "The research question is appropriate but lacks some focus. It could invite a range of different responses and approaches. It would have more focus if rephrased. For example, the student could have asked “Can Ford’s ‘Way Forward’ strategy return the company to profitability by 2009?” However, it is a topic that lends itself well to the acquisition of appropriate supporting documents. In many cases a narrower issue for a smaller company may be more appropriate, but the effectiveness of this approach will depend on whether a range of relevant supporting documents is likely to be available. What did the examiner think of this question??

Stage 1: Planning
Part 1: Concept Testing
Part 2: Presentation

Stage 2: The First Draft
Part 1: Collecting the data
Part 2: Collating the data
Part 3: Writing the First Draft

Stage 3: Writing "the final Report"
Part 1: Reworking the first draft
Part 2: Writing the Analysis and evaluation
Part 3: Writing the conclusion and recommendation
Part 4: Compleating the project

IA Overview "MAIN PARTS"
Part 1: Concept Testing
Part 2: Presentation Stage 1: Planning Part 1: Concept Testing TASK YOU NEED TO ANSWER THESE 3 QUESTIONS
1) What company have you chosen? (and why??)
2) What is your research question?
3) How are you going to get your info???? This must be aggreed by Me Due Date: Friday 13th May
(printed and given to me) Part 2: Presentation Once your topic has been chosen you need to think in terms of how you may go about answering the question.
To help you, you must present your idea to the class (and me). Your Presentation must include the following;

1) 5(+) slides
2) Research question
3) Supporting documents
4) Business Tools
5) Action Plan Presentations from the 30th May Time Schedule
Stage 1 Concept Testing: 13th May
Presentation of Research Proposal: 30th May Next.... Once you have done your presentation you
must move onto stage 2, "the data collection & Collation Note: This must be done during your summer holidays.
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