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Vaughn hall

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of History

The second floor
Mount Vernon is important because it was the home to George Washington and Martha Washington.

“Mount Vernon is named for an admiral in the British navy.” (mount vernon.org)
Mount Vernon home to George Washington himself.
Mount Vernon was built in 1743 by Lawrence Washington.

History on George Washington and his house
“George [Washington] acquired Mount Vernon in 1754”(www.mountvernon.org 1)
“George Washington died in his bedchamber at Mount Vernon on December 14, 1799”(www.mountvernon.org 2)

Facts on the house
Mount Vernon home to George

Washington himself

There are 28 rooms in the house.
This is the first floor.
There are ten rooms here.
The House/1 floor

favorite room
was the dining
This is the second floor
There is 12 floors
2nd floor

George Washington always like to go to this floor to sleep
What is Mount Vernon made of ?

Mount Vernon is made of wood.
It is also made of stone and brick.
look for the hidden mount Vernon s this does count
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