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The Algonquin Tribe

No description

aidan taylor

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of The Algonquin Tribe

A presentation of the
Algonquin Peoples of
Part 1 of two Parts The Algonquin tribe, also called Algonkin,
Anishinaabe or Omàmiwininiwak, live today
where they have always lived - along the
Ottawa river valley between Quebec and Ontario in Canada. Where they lived Their culture and social system/structure The structure consists of three classes.

The upper class consists of the tribal council and other royal families.
The middle class is the main bulk of the society.
And the lower class consists of the poor people of the tribe and the slaves of the upper class. Their beliefs
and traditions The Algonquians believed in one spirit named Kautantowwit[almost like god]. They believed that they would join the spirit when they died. They also believed that all poisonous animals and plants were created by an evil spirit called Hanegoategeh. The Algonquians made sacrifices to both of these spirits. They believed the spirit Kautantowwit showed itself in the animals and through nature. Because of this when they killed an animal they first asked for forgiveness. They never wasted a part of the animal. Part two of my two part presentation I have built things that the Algonquin
people use in their every day life. I
have cheated a little though, For all
the rope I used I used a high grade
nylon chord and twine instead if sinew
[ sinew is a tendon of ligament in the
back legs of a buffalo]. This is the first thing I created. I'm sure you all know what it is. It is an aboriginal tepee.
I made by tying 6 sticks together and sewing patches of burlap cloth around the perimeter. the next item looks remarkably like a bow and arrow but it is not a bow and arrow. Can anybody tell me what it is? The next items are are actually three bow and arrows. Can anyone
give me the three differences? This is a spear. I made it out of a stick and an arrow head
in the top. A spear is used to
mainly hunt fish. The next and last item is a fishing rod crafted with a stick and a string with an arrow head at the end. The fishing rod is used to hunt fish. QUIZ TIME Question 1: What is sinew? Question 2: How did I make the tepee? Question 3: Where do the Algonquin
people live today? Question 4: What are one of the the three
other names the Algonquin tribe are called? Question 5: What are the three classes
called and what type of people live in
each class? I HOPE YOU ENJOYED
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