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Harriet Tubman

No description

Abby Whittington

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Harriet Tubman

and The Underground Railroad....... Harriet Tubman Fun Facts about Harriet Finally Free born around 1820
two sisters were sold
got remarried
could not read
40,000 dollar wanted reward
she was called a " Master of Disguise"
risked her life 19 times to help free other
she saved money to help slaves
compared to Moses
died on March 10, 1913
she was a spy and scout during the Civil War
but she still helped free slaves Many slaves went to great lengths to escape.... Escaping * remarried
* lived New York
* sold veggies from door to door
* nursed poor people at her house
* voted for women's rights
* illegal to have slaves Slaves were treated very badly. Some slaves were not allowed to marry or even keep their own kids. Many slaves did not know how to read or write. They had no freedom. Some families were forced to break up. After two of her sisters were sold, Harriet was scared she would have to leave her family. One man named Henry "Box" Brown was in a
Box for 26 hours! Mrs. Craft (slave) disguised herself as an old white woman and her husband (also a slave) was dressed up as her slave. Mrs. Craft was lucky to have skin light enough to pass off as a white person. An Underground Railroad Map On April 12, 1861 the Civil War
began. The North and South
fought over slavery. The South
wanted slaves. The war ended
in 1865. The North had won! The Underground Railroad * their master died
* slaves would be sold
* ran away with 2 brothers
* had to go back
* brothers did not want to go on If just her brothers
went back they may
have been tortured
into telling were
Harriet was going. * 2 nights later she ran away by herself
* wanted her husband to come
* he mocked her and threatened to tell master
* rested during the day
* traveled at night
* went to a woman abolitionist's home
*used a network called the Underground Railroad Escaping.... for real!! when she was a child..... * helped escaping slave
* their master threw a metal weight
at her
* it hit her in the head
* she almost died
* had headaches and sleeping spells Sleeping Spells Sleeping spells are
when a person falls
asleep without warning. Fun Fact In 1850 the US passed a law that all the
slaves in the North had to return
to the South. After that Harriet
had to bring the slaves all the way
to Canada. Harriet was a "conductor" that meant that
she led slaves out of the South. * was not really underground
* was not a railroad
* a "station" was really just
a house
* was a trail that slaves took
to the North
* went from
house to
* hid in
houses Not this kind ...or.... This kind Did you know...... slaves call the people
that they work for master?
Slaves also had no freedom.
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