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Meadowlark Kindergarten Roundup Prezi-tation

No description

Emma Johnson

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of Meadowlark Kindergarten Roundup Prezi-tation

Items that will work for proof:
Rent or lease agreement
Purchase agreement
Current utility bill
Mortgage Document
Property tax document
Attend Parent Teacher Conferences;
Join the PAC;
Go to all the family fun nights at school;
Volunteer when possible;
Listen to the weekly Sunday night message;
Ask Questions;
Look over your child's work;
Make high (but realistic) expectations for your child's achievement;
Have knowledge of your child's talent and needs;
Have a keen interest in your child's education & their future;
Have a desire to work with your child's school for your child's benefit;
Recognize the vast opportunities to be your child's first and most influential teacher, role model & guide;
Communicate with the teacher. Build a relationship;
Weekly homework assignments in which students engage their parents are linked to much higher achievement in elementary & middle school;
Be actively involved in your child's literacy;
Be your child's first & most enduring teacher;
Read with your child & work on math facts whenever possible;
Work together with the school as a TEAM!
WATCH D.O.G. Program
Meadowlark Elementary

Meet the staff
-Teachers & Principal
-School Secretary, Nurse, and Health Room Aide
-Social Worker
-Guidance Counselors
-Meet other parents and children
See your school and the classrooms
Receive General Kindergarten information
Learn about the Kindergarten program
Staff Information
Mr. Stute, Principal
Mrs. Farwell, Secretary
Mrs. Scharff-Sears, Counselor
Miss Brown, Social Worker
Mrs. Puckett, School Nurse
Mrs. Lenz, School Nurse
Mrs. Harre, Health Room Aide
Mrs. Humphrey
Mrs. Fusby
Mrs. Mosley
Mrs. Wright, Music Teacher
Mr. Seeba, P.E.
Mrs. Stewart, Media
Miss Hahn, Art
Mrs. Dahlke, Kindergarten Para
Ms. Marries-Brunken, Kindergarten Para
We will use this
opportunity to share:
Ways you can help your child succeed in school
Required Health Information
Required paper work
Greatest Desire As Your Child's Principal
To ensure your child attends a school where the entire staff does everything possible to provide the very best education for YOUR child;

To provide a very safe and supportive environment;

And to engage parents in their child's education as much as possible.
What do YOU want from your child 's education?
Please fill out the note card and turn it in before you leave tonight of what you want from Meadowlark Elementary.

What are YOUR expectations for this upcoming school year?

Also, if your child has another name or nickname that they go by please write it on the notecard.
Studies find that students whose parents are involved in their child's education:
Have better reading skills;
Earn higher grades;
Have 40% higher test scores;
Have better social skills;
Show good behavior at school;
Adapt well to school;
Graduate K-12 education and go on to higher education;
Have a positive attitude toward school;
Attend school more regularly;
Have fewer placements in special education
How can a parent be involved?
8 'Must Haves'
1. Registration Form
2. Immunizations/Physicals
3. Proof of Residency
4. Certified Birth Certificate
5. Language Survey
6. FERPA Privacy form
7. Preschool Survey
8. Email address
Front - please copy the immunization information from your child's health records onto this sheet. Be sure to fill out the Health History at the bottom and sign!

Back - Bring this with you when your child has his/her exam, the doctor needs to fill it out and sign this part.
Proof of Residency
Birth Certificate
If your Child was born in Nebraska:
If your Child was born in another state:
Who is my Child's Counselor?
Call Mrs. Farwell and she will contact me
Email me at Mrs. Scharff-Sears at
What is an Elementary School Counselor?
A school person who will meet all children;
A resource person for teachers and parents;
A school coordinator of services.
What does the counselor do in school?
Consults With Parents and Teachers
Student Assistance Teams;
Suggestions for Intervention;
Coordinates Community Services and Resources;
Helping with Parent-Child Relationships.
Where might a student see the counselor?
In the counselors office
In the classroom
Before or after school
Beneficial Summer Activities
Writing their name
Tying their shoes
Zipping their coats
Knowing their phone number and address
Recognizing most UPPER CASE & lower case letters
Other Information
School day hours: 8:15 (Be at school by 8:10) - 3:05
2 half days the first 2 days of school through lunch/recess (11:40 a.m.)
Drop off and pick up points
Morning activities
No lunch with your child until after the first nine weeks (First Quarter of School)
Students are allowed to enter the school and library at 7:45 am. School doesn't begin until 8:15 am (Tardy at 8:15 am)
If students are eating breakfast, they can enter at 7:30 am to proceed to the cafeteria.
School dismisses at 3:05 pm for Kindergarten students.
Drop off and Pick Up Points
When dropping off your child in the morning, please drop off on the school side of the street. This way they will not have to cross the street.

When picking up your child, please park and meet your child or park on the school side of the street for your child to get in your vehicle. DO NOT park in the middle of the street and have your child walk through traffic to get in your vehicle.
Thank you for attending our Kindergarten Round-Up!
If you have not completed enrollment with Sarah Larsen at WLRC, please contact her immediately at 698-8029 OR stop by the office.
The End!
Welcome To Kindergarten Round-up!
-Conducts classroom activities such as:
Social Skills
Self Concept
Conflict Resolution Skills

-Sees students individually for specific needs such as:
Dealing with Death
Study Skills
School Phobias
Friendship Skills
How to reach Mrs. Scharff-Sears:
Do you have any questions?
If you would like to talk with either Mrs. Fusby, Mrs. Mosley or Mrs. Humphrey, they are available after kindergarten round-up.
Meadowlark Elementary
wants to be partners with you!
Who Are My Child's Nurses?
Special needs
Special diets
Annual Wellness Screenings
Color Vision
Height & Weight & BMI
Monitor Medication Administration
Insulin administration
Tube feedings
Catheter care
Tracheotomy care
Must fill out Medication Form if you want any medications to be given at school (available in the school office);
Medication must be in original package - both prescriptions and over-the-counter
Adults must manage all medication - students do not carry or keep any medication
Only adults can bring medication in to the school office
Students are never to transport medication to and from school
The staff is trained to administer the medication
The following will require exclusion from school:
Fever of 100+
Communicable/Infectious Diseases
Refer to KPS handbook or call school nurse
My Child's Kindergarten Day

Social Studies
Media Center
is for Capable
Susan Puckett, RN
Patty Lenz, RN
Call your school secretary at 698-8210;
Leave a number where the nurse can call you;
Nurse Patty or Nurse Susan will return your call
How can I reach my child's nurse?
What are the nurse's duties?
Immunization Compliance
Health Action Plans
Annual Wellness Screenings
Student Education
Monitor Medication Administration
Medical Procedures for student with special needs
First Aid
Injury Assessments
First Aid And Injury Assessments
Starting Kindergarten
A child must be age 5 by July 31st to enter Kindergarten for the school year.
There are no screening or prerequisites for entering kindergarten.

Kindergarten is the beginning of a journey in making your child a capable student in future classrooms and we ask that you wait to visit or eat in the school cafeteria until they have become better acquainted to the school, rules, and teachers at Meadowlark. This will be approximately after 9 weeks of school (after the 1st quarter). Thank you so much for helping your child become better adjusted to the all-day school setting.
~ Kindergarten Teachers
Train/recertify staff to administer meds
Train/recertify staff for emergency response team
Train/recertify staff for CPR/AED/First Aid
Medical Procedures for Students with Special Needs
1010 East 53rd Street
Kearney, NE 68847
(308) 698-8210
Get form from Mrs. Farwell to apply for a birth certificate
Contact Bureau of Vital Statistics
Who is my child's school social worker?
Miss Brown
Meadowlark Elementary:

Mrs. Mosley

Mrs. Fusby

Mrs. Humphrey
- Placement of your child can be
changed anytime during the
year if needed
- School supplies
- Coats labeled
- Curriculum night
- Questions?
Please pick up your child in the Media Center!
What is a School Social Worker?
- A person with a Master's degree in Social Work
- A person Licensed as a Mental Health Practitioner (therapist)
- A person who is a link between home and school
- A resource for parents, teachers, and administrators
My Role as your Child's School Social Worker
I will provide services related to students social and emotional adjustment to school, family, and community by:
Offering individual and small group counseling
Promote consistent school attendance
Conduct home visits to provide support for families
Consulting with Parents, Teachers, and Administrators
Being a member of Student Assistance Teams (SAT) to:
Collaborate and strategize with school staff on possible barriers to learning, including behavior management and creating behavior plans
How to contact Miss Brown
- Call me at (308) 627-6917, this is my direct line
regardless of the building I'm at.
- Call the school directly and the secretary will
contact me.
- Email me at: whibrown@kearneycats.com
Mrs. Scharff-Sears!
In the lunchroom
Call the school nurse to discuss / plan any health procedures your child may require during school
Health room - basic first aid supplies
Staff trained to respond to medical emergencies
Parents will be contacted in serious cases
Kindergarten Round-Up is a chance for parents and children to:
If you did not bring this with you today, please bring your proof of residency to Mrs. Farwell, Secretary at Meadowlark.
PARENTS - make an emergency sick-child plan in advance!
Assist with mental health issues with student or family
Aide families in crisis (death, loss of job, housing issues)
Assist families with basic needs, items, such as, school supplies, clothing, shoes, and coats
Coordinating community services and resources to meet student and family needs
Facilitate Love and Logic Parenting Classes
Corinne Harre
Health Room Aide
Meet the Kindergarten teachers!
Kindergarten Immunizations and Physical
Make an appointment with your medical provider today for physical and immunizations
Appointments fill up as Kindergarten parents will be calling to make appointments!
Professional vision evaluation also necessary (good vision is important for learning)
Green health reistration form will be supplied by the physician's office
Return completed health registration to the KPS Administrative Office (310 West 24th Street) well before the first day of school!
Identify your child 's needs NOW - consult with our nurse to create an action plan

-Tuesdays (1/2 day)
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