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Early Civilizations


Howard Sherman

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Early Civilizations

Early Civilizations
Indicators of civilization
**These were the characteristics a group of people needed to be considered a civilization.
Cities as administrative centers
Political system not based on kinship
Specialization/Division of Labor
Social Classes
Monumental Building
Writing System
Long Distance Trade
Interest in science and art
C. 3100 B.C.E.
About 5000 years ago
Flood Plains of Great Rivers
Culture: Learned patterns of action and expression
First recognizable cultural activity?
Stone toolmaking
Early People
How do we know about them?
We know by using evidence from the past, and comparing it to civilizations with similar practices from today.
Examples: People of the Kalahari Desert(Southern Africa)
People of the Ituri Forest(Central Africa)
Aborigines in Australia
Agricultural Revolution or Neolithic Revolution
10,000 years ago people met their food needs by raising domesticated plants and animals
This "revolution" did not happen all at once, but rather gradually throughout the world
The introduction of agriculture happened in many different places but also happened in many different ways.
Why was agriculture so different?
What was life like in Neolithic Communities?
Probably hard at first, but things got better
Farmers gradually took over the land of hunter/gatherers
These people developed religions based on ancestor worship and reverence to nature
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