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Professional Portfolio for Early Childhood Special Education

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Pamela mayes

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Professional Portfolio for Early Childhood Special Education

The Importance of a Professional Portfolio
A Professional Portfolio is something every teacher should
have to highlight their work.

It's a history of your professional development that highlights your experience and accomplishments.

A Professional Portfolio can make the difference between
you and another teacher.

Philosopy of Education

I believe that as a special teacher it is important to have relevant information on a student, to make the best possible assessment as it relates to that student. I believe that it is important for families, teachers, and the communities to form partnerships, to inform legislators
on the funding that is actually needed for special education programs.. I believe that a teacher has the responsibility, to make sure that all children that they teach have the opportunity to achieve their educational goals.
Licensure of Certification
Certification and test scores to show accomplishments
of professional development and training as a highly qualified special education teacher. Awards received in the community as a advocate for special education.

Professional Portfolio
As an early childhood educator, I believe that i must create an environment that meet the needs of a child's physical,
emotional, cognitive, and social development. As a special
education teacher I have the responsibility to create a friendly and safe environment that is age appropriate and challenging for children to learn. As a special education teacher I believe that I must be flexible to educate parents,
and the community, with information about children with special needs. For parents and the community to learn to
understand, a child's developmental level of their learning function.
Example of Lesson Plans
A couple of lesson plans for perspective employers to get a snapshot of my
creativity to highlight my teaching ability, as a early childhood special education
Teacher Evaluation

Performance as a student teacher with emphasis on classroom experience with special need children. The experience of collaborating with a tenure special education
Recommendations from colleagues, peers, published papers, to show perspective employers my academic and professional accomplishments. As well as, my professional growth over the years of developing my professional career.The recommendations from student teacher site, to highlight that I am a qualified special education teacher.
Philosophy of Education
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