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Interpersonal Communiction

No description

Rebecca Reams

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Interpersonal Communiction

Interpersonal Communication
How we develop effective communication.
"That overall feeling that happens between people. "
The emotional mood:
That is called the

Want an open interpersonal climate?
Self- Disclosure
is the revelation of information about ourselves that others wouldn't find out on their own.
I'm actually an alien in disguise.
Johari Window
Social Penetration Theory
Want a supportive interpersonal climate?
Use communication!
1. the person you're communicating with exists.
2. that the person matters and is heard.
3. or communicate your acceptance of that person's message.
Use both verbals
and nonverbals!
Or don't do these things and risk an unsupportive climate.
is when two parties who depend on each other have different views, interests or goals and perceive their differences as incompatible.
Conflict is
can be a beneficial for individuals and relationships
The way you handle conflict effects the interpersonal climate.
What is your conflict management style?
1. Competing
2. Collaborating
3. Comprising
4. Avoiding
5. Accommodating

proposes that, as relationships develop, interpersonal communication moves from relatively shallow, non-intimate levels to deeper, more intimate ones
-any interaction between two people, usually face to face.
Also called DYADIC.
Ex: shoe salesman, the teacher, the officer giving your a ticket.
When we use technology, it is called Computer-Mediated Communication or CMC.
Ex: email, social media, online chat rooms.
effective communication involves achieving one's goals in a manner that ideally, maintains or enhances the relationship in which it occurs.
If you are competent, you can . . .
Stages of performing these skills . . .
When you learn a new and better way of behaving.
Initial attempts at communicating this way are awkward.
When you keep working at it to overcome the awkwardness.
You are able to perform the skill without thinking about it.
Use a wide range of behaviors.
Have the ability to choose the most appropriate behavior.
Be skilled at performing that behavior.
Interpersonal Climate
Everything we have learned applies!
impression management
social comparison
1. Discuss what kind of information you would
disclose about yourself for each of the 5 levels
of social penetration.
2. What kinds of communication do you need to
improve on in order to consider yourself
communication competent?
3. Do you see in issues of quality versus quantity
of communication in your life?
In Western cultures, it is a gauge of closeness.
Satisfaction in romantic relationships is tied to it.
It should be done gradually.
It is all about acceptance and reciprocation.
It ensures a confirming interpersonal climate.
Overt Conflict
Covert Conflict-
When people express their differences in a straightforward manner. The differences are out in the open.
When people deny or hide their disagreement or anger and express it indirectly.
1. Allow each group member to share experiences of both OVERT and COVERT conflict in their past or present living situation.

2. Also, what their conflict style is.

3. During each members discussion, practice using the three steps to a supportive interpersonal climate in both verbal and nonverbal ways.
1. Recognition- "I confirm you exist."
2. Acknowledge- "This is what I hear you say."
3. Endorse- "I agree with what you are saying."
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