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Angel L.

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of SLP

For the action part of our project, we went to a local farm. At that farm we learned various things like how to make compost and what to do with the compost after it is fully made and ready to put in plants. This farm works only with organic plants. The farm's name was Wild Willows Farm.

Land Pollution
•Three types of water pollution that are mostly causing are businesses and homes.

•Water courses are filled with 2 million tons of human waste a day.

•70% of industrial waste is poured into drinkable water in developing countries

Water Pollution
•Water is used in every day life. We need it to survive

•If it is polluted/dirty we will get a higher chance of getting sick and will affect our body in a way that may kill us.

•75% of our body is made up of water we need that water to live.

•With polluted water inside our body we there is a bigger chance of getting really sick.
How does water pollution affect us?
Contacted supervisor at community service location where we volunteered.

Talked with a supervisor at the farm, explained our situation, and goals

Gave us directions, information and appointment times to volunteer
Air pollution affects all living things. Humans are the main pollutants as they send Carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.

Air pollution is caused by many reasons, such as, the gases that come out of factories, and most vehicles.

It has been around for a long time, but now is the time when we should control it due to massive incrementation of contamination

Its a big cause of Global Warming
Noise pollution
When a human made structure hurts your vision.
When you feel the temperature rises unexpectedly
Thermal pollution
Who are we?
Visual Pollution
When an image hurts your vision.
Light pollution
•1 out of 8 people do not have access to clean water supply.
Visual pollution disturbs the visual areas of people by creating negative changes in the natural environment.
A common cause of thermal pollution is the use of water as a coolant by power plants and industrial manufacturers.
When there are noises that hurt humans or animals.
Our Service Learning Project™
Angel Lomeli,
Juan Zapari

Eber Rodriguez,
Adrian Gonzalez

• Land pollution is everything that consists of waste.
For example, trash, and landfills.

•It affects every living thing like animals, plants and us humans

•It can be stopped by simply not littering and picking up our waste.
Air pollution
-A group of 5 middle school students.
Noel Vargas,
Four other types of pollution
At Wild Willow Farm

At the farm, we did many activities to help:
Cleaned the goat's pens
Watered crops
Removed weeds
-Concerned about our community's amount of pollution
How does air pollution affect us?
• The toxic air that these pollutants produce goes into our atmosphere, which harms us
• With pollution, we are slowly finishing up our world that future generations will need
How does land pollution affect us?
-It makes our land smell unpleasant.
-It looks like we are unorganized, as a community, because of all the trash everywhere

- Service Learning is when we choose what to do. We decided to work on pollution. During Service Learning, you learn a lot about your topic.

-Community Service is when you're basically forced to do something. Normally you don't decide what you do, like Service Learning.
Service Learning
Community Service

Collecting plastic bags
Asked our community for donation
We collected, counted and recycled them
Threatens wild life
What contributed to our project
We worked and learned about compost
New non-pollutant ways to do everyday things
Affects all of us
It's all around us
Why should we care ?
Not going away for some time
We need clean air in order to survive
We need a clean environment to survive
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