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Prohibition showed America, and the rest of the world, that placing legal restrictions on a substance did not prevent its use.

Thomas Clarke

on 6 September 2010

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Transcript of Prohibition

Prohibition in America Introduced October 28, 1919 Any beverage with more than 0.5% Alcohol content was banned Alcohol was believed to be the cause of most crime
Husbands spent too much income on alcohol Some towns sold their jails the day Prohibition was introduced Criminal activity flourished Illegal alcohol was sold on the black market Al Capone 60 million dollars made 600 murders in Chicago Breweries had to close down Caused large amounts of unemployment Alcohol brewers left the country Religion was an acceptable excuse for alcohol consumption Increase in the number of religious people More drinking establishments than ever before Prohibition created more problems than it solved. Many initial supporters called for the repeal of Prohibition Proved that legal restrictions on a substance didn't prevent its use 21st Amendment to the Constitution passed on December 5 18th Amendment the first and only Amendment to be repealed Thanks for watching Channel 7's Flashback!
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