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Tyderian W.

No description

lib hist

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Tyderian W.

Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis was born November 1,1946, Dayton, Ohio. He entered service at Indianapolis. Sammy Davis was Private First Class he fought in the U.S Army. Sammy served the army for 19 years, from 1965-1984. Sammy served in the Vietnam War, he was awarded Purple Heart, Silver Star, and Medal Of Honor for the risk he took. For example Sammy picked up an air mattress and struck out across the deep river regarding his extensive injuries and his inability to swim to rescue 3 of his wounded men.
My Opionon
I think Sammy Davis should have been awarded the Medal Of Honor also because, he showed bravery and valor while distinguishing his self at battle.
Mike C. Pena
Mike C. Pena was born November 6, 1924, Newgulf, TX. Mike C. Pena fought for the U.S Army he was ranked Master Sergeant, he enterned service at El Paso, TX. Pena earned this medal because his men were running out of ammunition and he single-handedly held back the enemy until the morning hen the enemies position was overun and they were dead.
My Opionon

Mike C. Pena deserved the Medal Of Honor because when then enemies raided his camp he went to a machine gun and started holding the enemies off till morning and then got killed.
They both are medal of honor recipients
They fought for our country
They both risked their lives
They were both born in America
They were both drafted

Sammy Davis fought in the Vietnam War
Years of service 1905-1984
He was ranked Private First Class
Mike C. Pena was ranked Master Sargent
He fought in World War II and Korean War
Medal Of Honor
Tyderian Whittaker
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