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Employee Motivation

No description

katuxa naconecy

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Employee Motivation

Motivation The impact of employee Are your employees motivated
in your work? Are they doing a good job? 2- Maximize performance 3- Build relationships 6-Leverage strengths 4- Make meaning 5-Enhance well-being 1- Look at your employees Should I do this again? Interesting...

employee engagement
6 building blocks
for Feedback For example:
Managers need to figure out how to make top performance worthy of employees’ attention and provide feedback that is heard and heeded by those employees.
Boticario Cosmetics Ltda. Work is social
Research by Harvard Business School professor emeritus John Kotter found that one of the factors that distinguished general managers with consistently outstanding performance records from their counterparts was their ability to develop and maintain a strong network of relationships. Attractive If managers can make the work meaningful,
it will engage, sustain and enrich people. The best workplace Eliminate the toxic aspects of your workplace. Employees must be allowed to find a sense of well-being at their work so they leave each day good, rather than depressive. Strenghts of employees Research is consistently showing the
importance of bringing out the
strengths of employees to energize them, rather
than harping on weaknesses. Results? Are you ready to change? Thank you!
Katuxa Naconecy
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