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Henri de Tonti

No description

madisyn dupre

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Henri de Tonti

Rene Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle
April 1682

He sent his brother, Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur de Bienville, to join him. He was the son of a weathy Canadian landowner. He became a war hero as a young man when he helped drive the British from the Hudson Bay. He was chosen by king LouisXIV to carry out La Salle's dreamof founding a french colony near the mouth of the Mississippi.

Etienne de Perier
Our 9th Governor. Was sent to bring harmony to the colony. He didn't know much about the colony when he came. He was well respected with the French Navy. His sence of firmness helped him deal with the problems, even without any colonial experience.

He wanted to find new settlers and more raw materials for export. Saw forest of Louisiana as a source of resin, tar, and wood; for barrels and ships' masts which were needed in France.

Something happened while Pierre was in office and eventually end of proprietorship.
Henri de Tonti Febuary 1682
He was La Salle's assistant. Most people thought he was a nice person. He died of yellow fever.

The indians thought that he was brave because he lost his hand, in a battle.
La Salle was the 2nd explorer to follow the north west passage. He claimed Louisiana and the rivers connected to rivers flowing in the Mississippi. After he did that, he returned to France to report his discovery to King Louis XIV. King Louis gave him a fleet of ships with 300 colonist to establish a new colony in Louisiana. La Salle's second trip with the colonist was a failure. He missed the mouth, and ended up in Texas. His people killed him.
John Law

He created the company of the west to operate the Louisiana colony. He was a professional gambler. He advertised Louisiana as the best colony in the world. Organized the bank of France and developed the paper money system for France. To change the image of Louisiana, he created the first real estate advertising in history.
Jean Baptiste La Moyne Sieur de Bienville
He built fort Rosalie. Ibreville's brother. Explored the red river. He had been Louisiana's 3rd,5th, 7th,and 10th Governor. The biggest problems Bienville faced was keeping peace between the colonists and the indians. He was ordered to defeat the Chickasaw or sign a peace treaty. War broke loose. After the failure war, he retired as Governor in 1742. Founded and designed New Orleans.Established Code Noir.
Pierre Francois de Rigaud Marguis de Vaudrewil
After Bienville retired, the French government sent Pierre Francois de Rigaud Marguis de Vaudrewil to be Louisiana's next governor. Used troops to halt Indians raids on settlements up and down the Mississippi River. After major assault on the Chickasaw, Vaudrewil worked out a peace agreement. With the Indian threat reduced, the colony. He is credited for the first Mardi Gras Ball, called "Grand Marquis

Louis Juchereau De St. denis
Selected to command fort at Natchitoches, explored red river, and met Cado indians to improve his indian Languages. To seek trade he headed South into Spanish colony. Fell in-love with Daughter of Spanish commander. The commander sent him to Mexico City. He told him that trade between France and Spain wasn't allowed. Asked to escort spanish priest and solders to Nacodouches Texas. New spanish viceroy didn't welcome him. He was sent to jail, then sent away with a warning to stay out of Spanish territory

Antoine Crozat
The French royal government gave the proprietorship of Louisiana to Antoine. Expected to find silver and gold in the new colony. He had little interest in settlers and agriculture.His primary motive was profit. After he signed the contract to operate the colony as business, he selected a new governor.
People of Chapter 6

By: Madisyn Dupre, Mari-Jo Salter, and Sarah Guidry
Pierre La Moyne Sieur d'Iberbille
He was a commander the king sent to guard the Mississippi.
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