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Cluster 1 Unit 1 Vocabulary

No description

Sloane Hill

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Cluster 1 Unit 1 Vocabulary

someone you care about
someone or something else
In all places
to feel good about someone or something
All the people in a group
Cluster 1 Unit 1 Vocabulary
She likes pizza.
Like means to feel good about someone or something
The friends play video games.
A friend is someone you care about
Everyone in the picture is smiling.
Everyone means all the people in a group
In a library, books are everywhere.
Everywhere means in all places
The other apple is green.
other means someone or something else
not the same
The shoes are different colors.
different means not the same
the only one of its kind
The orange fish is unique because it is the only orange fish.
Unique means the only one
to use a name for someone or something
My name is Rebecca but people call me Becky.
call means to use a name for someone or something
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