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Purple Cake Day

for teachers and parents

Teresa G

on 20 February 2012

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Transcript of Purple Cake Day

Purple Cake Day Purple Cake Day is an idea conceived by Nelsonian, Emily Sanson-Rejouis to celebrate the spirit of her daughters, Kofie-Jade (5) and Zenzie (3), who were lost with their father, Emily’s husband Emmanuel, in the Haiti earthquake in January 2010. Purple Cake Day celebrates life. It gives hope to the people who are affected by tragedy and helps to raise awareness of the plight of people around the world. Kenbe La Charitable Foundation is going to use the proceeds from Purple Cake day to continue work in Haiti and to reach out to their project partners in Nepal. Nepal has one of the highest poverty rates in the world. Kenbe La Charitable Foundation was formed by Emily to help inform, assist and rebuild life in Haiti and to honor those who were lost. We are all connected.
Let's help. Project Partners: Nepal What can WE do? Haiti New Zealand Nepal New Zealand is an amazing country with beautiful land and people. Emily and her family are from Nelson, New Zealand. Emily and Emmanuel were living in Haiti and working with the United Nations when the earthquake hit. Kenbe La means never give up in Haitian Creole. Haiti is also a beautiful country, with amazing people. Earthquakes have rocked their world. http://www.purplecakeday.org/ Go to: to find out how you can help. Haiti Brigantine Nepal New Zealand Purple Cake Day was created by Emily to share the Kenbe La message. Get informed
Be aware
Reach out
Raise funds
Celebrate our global connections
New Zealand recently also had earthquakes which rocked their world. Special thanks to the Purple Cake Day site, Kembe La Charitable Foundation (videos and pictures) as well as the pictures borrowed. This prezi will be used for educational purposes only.
Created by T.Gragg Pictures borrowed from:
Thank you.
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