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Google AdWords Initiative

No description

Ralph Pineda

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of Google AdWords Initiative

Google Search Network
Campaign Keywords
Initially Manage One Campaign
Campaign AdGroups
Future Implementation
Our Strategy: Consistent Exposure
Ads/AdGroups are rotated based on success
We're going to do two different three Ad Groups
- People Searching for
eBook Conversion Services
*Landing Page: eBook Conversion
- People Searching for
inexpensive conversion Services
*Landing Page: Pricing Page
- People Searching for
Self-Publishing Options
* Landing Page : Self Publishing Guide or Conversion Services Page
We are doing Phrase match for certain keywords, exact match for others, and negative keywords for under performing/ negative connotation
- Get an audience that are already actively searching for "eBook Services"
- Our primary goal is to increase sales and conversion
$150 for the Month
- Additional $100 sponsor from Google.
-$8.30 a Day
Monday-Friday: 9 am- 5 pm Central Time
Reason: Office ours is 8:30 am - 5 pm.
- Need time to check on top performers and low performers on the previous day.

All Features | Set time | Standard

Time Frame
Cost-per-click: Because we want people to go to our website. Our primary goal is not branding or awareness, it's click-through-rate

After a little bit our goal is going to be
which is a system in AdWords for Cost-per-Acquisition

Then at a later date we can talk about
which is cost-per 1,000- Impressions
I'll be monitoring them at the end of each week, and see which ads are our top performers and our bottom performers.

I will also see put under performing keywords in the negative keyword list.
We are running the Ads for a month
Google AdWords Initiative
6 Conversion - $750
should expect more because
there is a higher budget.
"publish ebook" Phrase Match. This will hit for (how to "publish ebook") (how to self-"publish ebook") etc.

[how to get a book published] exact match

-worst, -expensive, -scam: negative matches
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