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mwahaha. I don't even know.

Sahar A

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Who/Whom

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Is there Difference? Who/Whom The difference is :
- same as difference between
subjects and objects

Subjects Objects
-I -Me
-He -Him
-She -Her
-It -It
-We -Us
-They -Them
-Who -Whom Definitions Who and whom are Pronouns, therefore they take the place of a Noun.

Who: is a subject Pronoun, it is the person performing the ACTION of the verb

Whom: is an object Pronoun, it is the receiver of the action being done. Examples Who: Blair is the girl who got the job.

-The word "who" is the subject of the verb "to get"

Whom: With whom are you living?

-The word "whom" is not the subject of any verb Rules to remember 1. The word "who" can only be used when it is the subject of a verb.
2. The word "whom" is NEVER a subject of a verb, it is the object.
3. The word "whom" can be used after a preposition.
4. Always remember you can substitute who/whom to he/him . You can also ANSWER the question. If it's he, then you may use WHO. If it's him, you may use WHOM.
>Whom=OBJECT Which is Correct? With whom did you go to the cinema?


Whom did you go to the cinema with? With whom did you go to the cinema is correct. You should not end a sentence with a preposition. Answer You may use whom after prepositions E.g.
-You have a child with whom? – “with” is the preposition
-To whom did you give the information? - “to” is the preposition QUIZ TIME! Pronouns take the place of nouns Sahar taught the lesson.
She taught it.

The class listened to the lesson.
They listened to it. TIPS Who= he
Whom= him

Who picked up the bread?
Whom picked up the bread?

Replace who and whom to he and him.

He picked up the bread.
Him picked up the bread. He makes sense, therefore "Who picked up the bread?" is CORRECT. YES, there is!! You can also answer the question.

"Who picked up the bread?"
" Whom picked up the bread?"

You would say: "He picked up the bread" not "Him picked up the bread"

Therefore, you know "Who picked up the bread" is correct. Let's try another one.

Who do you love?
Whom do you love?

Answer the question.

I love him.

Therefore "Whom do you love" is CORRECT.
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