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Steps to a successful hiring

No description

Christel Abi Aad

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Steps to a successful hiring

Successful Hiring process
Recruitment searching tools
Company Database
Referrals from Candidates and from field
Job Fairs and job Forums
Direct Headhunt (employer's preferences)
Online searching tools
Online posting tools
Social Media
Indicators of JD identified for Screening
Experience and years of experience
Competencies related to a certain job
Industry relevance
Duties and responsibilities if mentioned
If the candidate changes his job more often
How to attract the candidate to apply?
1- Online searching tools: Linkedin, Hire Lebanese, Bayt.com, Jobalist etc
2-Online posting tools: all of the above, plus company website.
3-Social media: Facebook, twitter etc.

Bill Gates:" the key for us, number one, has always been HIRING very smart people."
Attractive company website
Employer's branding
Age, Gender, Religion...
In the west are not key indicators
In the Gulf region, some preferences are considered
For example, recruiters cannot hire female sales specialists to work in KSA
Reputation of the company
On Social Media:
1-Make the subject of the message attractive
2- Be formal and respectful
3-Present yourself
4-Present the company you work for and its activities
5-Explain why you are approaching the candidate (talk briefly about the job vacancy)
6-Mention how to apply if the candidate is interested in the job vacancy, and ask politely about the candidate's contact info.
7- If the candidate is not interested in applying (regardless why) it is always good to ask about referrals...
Dear Mr. Chami,
Allow me to introduce myself first, my name is Christelle Abi Aad and i am the senior recruiter at X.
X recruitment , is a multinational recruitment company with more than 30 years of experience in executive search, we are able to reach quality candidates, while others can't.
The reason why i am contacting you, is to ask you briefly if you are interested in applying for a "Y" position at a multinational pharmaceutical company.
If so, kindly send me a copy of your updated CV to christelle@X.com
Should you need any further information, kindly check below my contact info.
Awaiting for your kind reply
Headhunting approaches
Use your network and references well, who do you know?
References from candidates we build relations with
references that we see on CVs, usually are helpful
Cold calls, name generation.
Main 5 Questions

Sales manager

How do you measure your own performance
What would you do if you had an over performing employee in your team
what were your targets for this year (SMART)
how much of your target did you achieve
how do you demonstrate and explain your products to your team and your clients
Marketing manager
Tell me about an idea that you created and implemented at your company
what were your objectives FY2013
Brag about a marketing event that you handled from A to Z
What tools you use for your marketing research and analysis
How do you benchmark your product.
put a scale from 1 to 10 for each question
be structured in order to rate
each question demonstrates a competency needed, evaluate by priority
Criterion for candidate Selection
Matching with key indicators of Job description
Was the candidate convincing enough?
Impression left
Professional attitude
Did the candidate meet the competencies needed for the JD?
was the candidate able to answer all my questions?
Product knowledge
What added value can this candidate add to my company/client?
If candidates are put to test/evaluation, which ones passed?
Core tools for reference check
Who to call
Plan and prepare
identify what qualifications should be assessed
Prepare a reference check form
Last stages of an assessment process
Recent immediate supervisors
Client and coworkers
Asked questions:
Job related
Bases on their experience on observing the applicant's job
Standardized questions
Focus on behavior
Open ended questions (strengths, area of development)
verification (resume, interview...)
Competency based questions
What development is needed
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