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Week 2, Lecture 2 - Good Teaching

No description

Megan Brown

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of Week 2, Lecture 2 - Good Teaching

Good Teaching
Next Class:
Read Attitude survey (early and middle
Read Lyons Chapter 5 (Canvas)
Student Attitude and Interest Project
Get started on your Professional Presentation
Think about and jot down some ideas about your favorite teacher
How can strategies help me to plan a good lesson?
How do we teach students?
Zone of Proximal Development
Gradual Release of Responsibility
Direct Explanation
Cooperative Learning
Teaching for Transfer
Providing Feedback
Find your name card and sit at that seat
Talk with your group about what you read
Make connections
Talk about background knowledge
What was your reading experience?
Discovering Good Teaching
Using Chapter 2 and the questions as a guide, record:
3 facts or details about the concept
An example
Discuss the questions and see if you have any answers
Provide explicit instruction for what they're going to learn
Step by step instruction
Clear statements about why the strategy is important
Goal is to get them thinking about the process you are teaching them
Math lessons - giving step by step instruction for learning a new process
Teacher provided support throughout a task to assist the student in learning
Guiding student thorough a process
Instructional techniques used to move students progressively towards stronger understanding
Writing letters of the alphabet - starting with initial knowledge of letters and progressing forward
Start with modeling and then step by step progress to knowing the concept
Reading groups that are mixed not based on skill
Instructional use of small groups so that students work together to maximize their own and each others' learning
Creates interpersonal relationships
Promotes students to share their ideas
Improves critical thinking
Well-planned instruction helps transfer
Creating learning tasks (projects, models, tools)
Making information able to be memorized
Word problems
Tangible examples & illustrations
Activities applicable to life
Limiting lecture
A response from a teacher/peer to let a learner know whether he/she is on the right track
Provided in a timely manner
Individual feedback is necessary
Positive: A smile, attention (direct)
Negative: To decrease behavior
Teacher responds to a student's answer by commenting further on the topic and agreeing/disagreeing with them
The first step before guided practice
Showing students their future expectations through examples
Direct explanation - the "all teacher portion of the gradual release of responsibility model"
Cognitive modeling - talking out a through process
Intro and RRI return
Book Promo
Locomotion Book Talks
Discuss teachers
Introduce ZPD and GRR
Create posters for terminology
Preview next week's work
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