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WAC Cellox

LS 126

Jill Adona

on 14 September 2010

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Transcript of WAC Cellox

Adona Alarkon Artes Chua Cruz Fernandez Mercado Sun Vision, mission objectives, strategies Vision, Mission External Opportunities External Threats Competitive Profile Matrix EFE Matrix IFE Matrix Internal Strengths Internal Weaknesses SWOT Matrix SPACE Matrix BCG Matrix IE Matrix Grand Strategy Matrix QSPM Recommended Specific Annual Objectives and Policies REcommended Strategies Recommended Procedures for Strategy Review, Evaluation Fluctuating petroleum costs
Number of Competitors
Cosumer preference with the familiar (materials)
Increase/fluctuation in shipping costs
Level of Disposable Income
Demand Shifts for goods and services
Aggressive Competitors Natural calamities/disasters
Number of Insurance and mortgage industries
Rise of costs of traditional construction material
Attitude Towards Energy Conservation
Attitude Towards Product Quality
Growth of Residential Construction Industry
Availability of Market/Industry Data
` Offer extensive development workshops and seminars.

Greatly stress to the employees the importance of quality control

Expand the business through boosting the availability of products to the market. All employees must undergo training and seminars about the products of the company every 4 months or 3 times a year.
All employees must undergo an exam once a year to ensure knowledge and mastery of the company and the products that the company sells to the Market

Regular quality check ups twice a month on random batches of products
Employees must submit a Monthly Quality Control Report

New Regional Distribution networks should increase by 1 every year.
The Employees are responsible in making sure that the products arrive at the distribution network 1 day after the completion in production
The use of the internet and other forms of technology in marketing their products. Long Term Objectives Increase Sales by 50-100% in three years
Increase Profit Margins by 35% through low cost production - decrease COGS and other expenses.
Geographic Expansion
New geographic areas
Geographic expansion expenses like building or renting new facilities in the storm-ravaged areas vulnerable to catastrophic damages from hurricanes
Market Penetration
Increase market share of offered products thru greater marketing efforts
marketing expenses for aggressive campaign into awareness of the need of the innovative products Retrenchment
Making an extra effort to drive down inventory levels through a more effective selling strategy
Reducing assets in the form of products shall provide for a better matching of supply to the currently available demand.
The company will sell some of its inadequate assets, reduce inventory level, reduce accounts receivables to improve its balance sheet.
Cellox, LLC., headquartered in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, produces supreme-quality home construction products and is one of the top players in the industry with 40 competitors. The company boasts of its patented insulated concrete forms (ICFs), however they also produce protective packing material (PPM) and point-of-purchase (PoP) products to complete the three divisions of the company.
“Cellox is Committed to the ideals of Quality, Service, People, and the Utilization of technology dedicated to ‘Making it Happen’.”
The mission of Cellox is to serve: the construction industry with Insulating Concrete Forms, the advertising/marketing community with Visual Merchandising items such as Point-of-Purchase advertising displays made from expandable polystyrene and the protective packaging industry with 100% recyclable custom-molded shapes.
Increase Revenues by 100% in the next 10 years through market penetration and networking
Boost availability and distribution of the products by 50% in one year through other Regional Distribution Networks.
Obtain customer loyalty and satisfaction by finding construction contractors and informing the people of the numerous benefits of Cellox products.
Equip 50% of the employees in one year with the necessary skills to be efficient by developing the customer service and innovating human resource programs.
Market Penetration
Networking Vision
Cellox’s vision is to be the leader in manufacturing polystyrene products of high quality with top-of-the-line components in the industry.

Cellox’s mission is to be the most successful manufacturer of polystyrene products in the United States. As such, Cellox will meet construction contractor, home builders and customer expectations of highest quality products, use new green and sustainable technology, competitive pricing for the line of products, efficient and technical customer service, flexible customization capacity and retain a strong stakeholders’ confidence.
1. Unique product offering: the only patented tri-fold expandable ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) in the market
2. In many aspects, exceptional results: produce homes that are strong, energy efficient, economically, environmentally, and builder friendly, and fire and pest resistant
3. Possess a committed, dedicated, and hard-working staff
4. Cellox is known for its custom finishing proven through their being innovative in its creative development of coatings
5. Proper utilization of technology (machines) in order to increase production to meet future sales
6. Competitive and continuous improvement in customer service and marketing
7. Products use superior materials and are design engineered
8. Remarkable determination, positive attitude, and leadership of owner
9. Provide customers with cost-control efficiencies and reliable delivery times
1. Limited target market mobilization: Cellox only concentrates on its primary geographic market located 300-mile radius due to shipping costs
2. Little diversification: focused on one particular product (ICF) as a driving force of the company to success
3. Cold calling potential customers and contractors
4. Invariable changing of personnel in critical positions due to inability to deal with challenges and expectations
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