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Media Madness

No description

Bob Dylan

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Media Madness

Media Madness The Different Types of Media Television Television media has a series of forms such as cable, network, satellite, etc. Newscasts take place on the television and commercials broadcast, also. Advantages
Very many people own
a television
Messages are clear
More convinient Disadvantages
Can cause children to eat
fatty foods
Hides the negative elements
of a product
Loss of outside interest Radio Radio stations broadcast things such as
news, music, and sports events. They
are sponsered by different advertisments
we know as commercials. Advantages
universal medium
different genres
provide personal advertising
free (with purchase of a radio) Disadvantages
can not see advertised products
cannot go back to important
ads interrupt entertainment
known as "background medium" Print Media print can range anywhere from
local newspapers to magazines and
direct mail. They provide advertisement
and news for the buyer. They also advertise. Advantages
Different types
Many subsribers are very loyal
Newspapers are convenient to target a certain area
They are almost always everywhere
Magazines are monthly, so veiweres see ads constantly Disadvantages
Depending on choice, print can
be costly
Only sold for short periods
"Out-done" by Internet sources
Ad may get lost among others Photography Photography is very important in any type of ad. The picture people see in print and on the television intially gives the first reaction to a product. Advantages
Viewers can see product
Convenient and accessable
Seem very appealing Disadvantages
Photographers can be expensive
Pictures might not turn out
May only show what buyers want to see internet The internet conatins many different ways of sharing information and advertising. There's news websites, search engines, and social networks. Advantages
Social media makes advertisements fun
Provides good communication
Easy to use/access
Ads on almost every site Disadvantages
Stolen identities
Virus Threats
Pornography Advantages
universal medium
different genres
provide personal
free (with purchase of a
radio) These are just a few types of media in today's society, but they are the most commonly known. Without the various types of media, events, products, and much more would be unknown to almost everyone. So all in all, media is very important! Fin.
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