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Flowers for Algernon timline

A timline of major events in the story of Flowers for Algernon.

Sarah Arnett

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Flowers for Algernon timline

This is a timeline of major events in the story Flowers for Algernon. Flowers for Algernon Progress report 1- March 5, 1996 Progress report 4- March 8 They decide to use Charlie in an experiment that might make him smarter. He is currently at an IQ of 68. The operation is supposed to triple his IQ, which will give him an IQ of 210. Charlie is very excited. April 6 Charlie beats Algernon!!!! Algernon is a mouse that Charlie races with. Algernon is a very smart smart mouse, who had the same operation as Charlie. This is actual proof that Charlie is getting smarter!!!!!! April 20 April 30 Charlie is fired from the factory. Because of his intellectual growth, all his "friends" are scared of him. So all of them except a woman named Fran signed a petition to get him fired. April 25 Charlie finds out a new way to line up the machines at the factory where he works. Although this doesn't sound very important, it is. This shows Charles's intellectual growth! May 20 Charlie goes out for dinner. There is a boy who makes a mistake. Everybody laughs at him, including Charlie. Then Charlie realizes that boy was just like him, and he was laughing at him along with the others and gets mad. He decieds to help all those people who are dumb by looking more into the increased intelligence subject. This is the very first date, the beginning of the story.
You are introduced to the narrator, Charlie Gordon.
You learn that he his 37 years old and you learn the essence of Charlie Gordon. His essence is "All my life I wanted to be smart". Charlie is at a party with two of his friends from work,
Joe Carp and Frank Reily. Then he relizes that everyone is laughing at him because he was dumb. But now he sees that Joe Carp and Frank Reily are only keeping him around because they like to laugh AT him, not WITH him. May 15 Charlie feels that Dr.Strauss, one of the two doctors working on his operation, is under- educated. This is another sign of Charlies' progression. A man who he once thought was a genius he now thinks is UNDER-EDUCATED. May 23 June 10 Algernon bites Charlie. This is strange because Algernon is normally nice and mild- tempered. This is also worrying because Algernon and Charlie had the same operation. So what happens to Algernon will probably happen to Charlie. Algernon dies. It happened two days ago from the progress report, but there wasn't a progress report for it. This means that Charlie will probably die also. After investigation of Algernon's brain, it was seen that his mind had been deteriorating.
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