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Brand Revive Campaign for Ad Class

Shae Benton

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Polaroid

In order to be successful, Polaroid needs to focus on being truthful and authentic.
We want to connect with the public on an emotional level and to do that, the connection has to be genuine and sincere.
Polaroid was founded in 1937 by Edwin Land. The first instant camera, for which Polaroid became known, was produced in 1972.

Increase brand awareness with our target audience by 10% over the next year.
Edwin came up with the idea of instant photography from his 3 year old daughter who was too impatient to wait for her photo.
Target Audience
Age: 18-35
Education: Some college & up
Income: Middle class & up
Family status: Single or married
Occupation: Predominately art related
(journalism, advertising,
photography, fashion, etc...)
Established brand, over 75 yrs. old
All USA made
Consistent branding
Old, over 75 yrs. old
Lost touch with customers
Lots of competition in technology
Using unique brand identity
Lifestyle trends, instant gratification
Reconnecting with the public
Faltering economy
Fallen behind in technology
Price competition
Social Media Campaign- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Print Campaign- Ads and feature stories in magazines
Polaroid Street Team- Brand Ambassadors
Increase overall sales by 3% over the next year.
Promote new technology - E3 Expo
Focus on consumer relations- Fotobar, host expo
Establish VIP program- all access pass
Polaroid Socialmatic
Heart filled approach through resonance.
We're appealing to the public's emotions through situations they can identify with.
Digital Ads will be the most important for our campaign because the target audience uses: TV, magazines, internet (smartphones, computers, tablets)
Realistically, if we were to run this campaign, it
would be our hope that Polaroid is thought of as useful again and re-introduces itself as a fun brand for people of all ages and interests.
Polaroid shopping bag to keep branding
consistent and fun.
Polaroid promo piece for a potential contest.
Example of full page magazine ad.
Radio Ads- $200K
Outdoor Ads- $100K
Expo- $100K
Digital Ads - $2.5 million
TV Ads- $1.3 million
Print Ads- $800K
Example Ads for magazines, newspapers,
and social media.
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