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Project Dashboard

No description

Project Dashboard

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Project Dashboard

The Team
An Abstract Idea
Our vision is an end to end platform that links different source data to present a consistent and dynamic set of metrics that can be used to understand, monitor and manage a project at the Company, FMN or Customer level.
The Company
What can we exploit?
The data is at our fingertips!
Simone Andreulli
Diego Daccò
Raffaele Derosa
Gianluca Gallo
Tim O'Dowd
Mathew Varghese
Problems and
Enterprise resource planning software, predominantly SAP, plays an enormous role at the core of our group. Masses of data reside unexploited.


Our Proposal
Through requirements flow down from FNM and collaboration with strategic partners, real, relevant and actionable KPIs are selected.
Our framework will then allow the generation of tailored 'dashboards'. Stakeholders can log in and see the their very own individualised profiles.
We believe that our proposal can be technically applied across FNM. Projects can typically be split into one of three categories:
Use of databases also continues to be standardised across the group, mostly converging on SAP-based solutions.
Our team have sought out existing capabilities internally and amongst suppliers.
Visionwaves and Cefriel are examples of companies that provide a dashboard mapping service, allowing stakeholders to monitor and manage performance.
Capabilities include...

- Automatic linkages with SAP, XML, Excel, etc, etc
- Clear
- The ability to customise dashboards for different stakeholders
- The ability to dig down to the root of a problem
We believe the benefits this proposal offers will improve customer satisfaction, leading to customer retention, stronger revenues and thus margins.

We have obtained informal customer buy-in at a project level with BAE Systems.

To this end, we hereby proudly submit our proposal to Finmeccanica for consideration.
We believe that the crucially important task of building trust with your customer starts by communicating the status of a project in a consistent and efficient manner.
The capability to benchmark existing business operations, identify gaps and target areas for improvement to elevate the effectiveness of that operation will be made possible. Processes will be managed using metrics and KPIs in a continuous improvement environment to drive competitiveness and efficiency across all businesses.
- FNM Magazine, September 2012
Impact on Corporate Social Responsibility
Systems Engineering
Avionic Systems Engineering
Customer Service and Support
Projects and Bids
Avionic Systems Engineering
Project Management
Project Dashboard will promote a fresh level of openness and dialogue with our customers, strengthening strategic ties with our key stakeholders.
Furthermore, the project's aim to improve customer retention will lead to future orders. Future orders will support workforce retention.
I would like to see [a solution] cover Development and Support Programmes as well as Production.
It’s crucial that [a solution] is driven by live data sources and that updating [the solution] isn’t a task in itself.
[A solution] needs to always be topical, presented in a format that the customer finds useful and trusts.
- Paul Crisp, BAE Systems
We will involve the customer from the outset and fully exploit the value of transparency.
It needs to be...
KPI Generation
Drilling Down
Our contribution to the concept we are putting forward includes the following key items.
A Conceptual Framework
A Company Production Dashboard
An External Perspective
What would it look like?
A Customer Dashboard
A Company Management Dashboard
Our Ideas on Paper
Cumulative cost
We also believe that our proposal can be conceptually applied across FNM.
All Operating Companies operate within a complex web of interweaving operations. Transparency, clarity and the availability of good information can only serve to improve synergies between different functions.
Our Pitch
Cost Assumptions:
Project Dashboard used on 8% of current backlog projects
Average implementation cost of €120/employee
Yearly IT Maintenance cost of €250.000
8 employees for the central support centre
FNM Companies team of 15 people for the first year (for KPIs and customization definition)
WACC 9,5%
A conceptual framework of operation which, crucially, involves the customer at every stage
An Identification of a range of potential top level KPIs
Requirements capture through interviews with colleagues and customers
An early indication of costs, timescales and risks
An Appraisal of an appropriate Dashboard supplier
A recommendation for going forward to implementation

The Business Environment
Decreasing defence spending amongst our allies compels us to...
Look East, towards the BRICs and MINTs
Expand our cost effective civil portfolio
Finmeccanica's captive Western market is a thing of the past.
Customer relationships will play a key role as we expand in this direction, in open competition with our peers.
A Demo...
Net cumulative cashflow
Additional Margin & Savings Assumptions:
Of projects incorporated into Project Dashboard, 0,15% of additional margin is realised through customer retention (New Orders)
Of projects incorporated into Project Dashboard, 0,01% of additional margin is realised through variation
Of projects incorporated into Project Dashboard, 0,08% of cost saving is realised on external costs (through supply chain efficiency)
Of projects incorporated into Project Dashboard, 1,28% of cost saving is realised on internal costs (through overhead cost reduction)
Financials (€)
Cumulative margin/saving
Key Points:
Net Present Value of €13.290.000
Internal Rate Return of 23%
Payback in 5 Years
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