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The Green Party

Issues & ideas of The Green Party during the 2012 election.

Deanna Della

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of The Green Party

One world. One chance. Vote Green Party! The Green Party Social Justice Controversial and political issues that relate to the personal lives of the people. Pro-Choice Abortion Women's rights to control their bodies is non-negotiable, and the option to have an abortion must always be available to women. Fully supportive of Gay Rights Gay Marriage Drugs Marijuana We believe in caution and moderation with any substance we take into our bodies, but the effects of marijuana are far less dangerous than those of tobacco and alcohol Gun Control CON The Green Party restricts the police use of guns and all control weapons. States must pass legislation that reduce and restrict police possession and use of such methods of control. It is more likely that you'll be injured by your own gun than that you'll be defended against some intruder with that gun. Democracy Foreign Policy Supports:
The right of the U.N. to step in when human rights are constantly violated within nation.
Abolishing nuclear weapons
Reducing the defense budget
Reducing the number of U.S. foreign military bases
Prohibiting all arms sales to foreign nations
Doesn't support:
Invading another country because of terrorist support occurring.
economic blockade of Cuba The Middle East Supports:
peace and demilitarization in Israel-Palestine

Doesn't Support:
U.S. financial and military support of Israel while it occupies Palestinian lands
U.S using its military if Iran doesn't end its nuclear program The Greens' main position on climate change is to reduce gas emissions atleast 40% by 2020
They want to support a strong international climate treaty under the UN
They wanted to have cleaner and more efficient energy to lose dependence on fossil fuels and to also create jobs
They oppose and want to discontinue all nuclear activity and wastes Ecological Sustainability The Economy NO Bailing out our big private corporations? Why would we re-define the law of competition? Competition should decide the survival of the corporations, not us. The agreement removes much needed tariffs that can benefit us in the long run.

NO free trade. The North American Trade agreement is a flaw with itself Our government shouldn't subsidize big oil companies, for it is their responsibility to make the oil for us. Plus the higher the oil prices might be cause of this will save some of the environment. Oil Outsourcing JOBS! The worst we can do for our country and its citizens is to outsource our jobs. Greens support a transportation policy that emphasizes mass transit and alternatives to automobile transport
They want to create affordable mass transit options
Discourage use of automobiles by eliminating free parking in places and put alternative fuel vehicles into service
Expand railway systems to disband long-haul trucking for transporting to encourage it to the rails
Greens want land policies to promote development and respect ecology
Promote livable urban environments
Green the cities with clean energy generators
Preserve rural land and promote rural communities Transportation and Land Use Greens believe the U.S. Government must lead the way in declaring water a fundamental human right and prevent efforts to privatize, export, and sell for profit a substance that is essential to all life.
Want strong inter/national laws to preserve water and reclaim water systems/supplies

Greens believe all people have a right to adequate, safe, nutritional and high quality food; and those who grow it have a right to a fair return for their labor.
support new farming and growing opportunities and urge the inclusion of non-traditional crops and foods in farm programs. Water and Agriculture Greens supported Bio-Diversity
Wanted a Endangered Species Act enforced and strengthened
Greens believed forests are indispensable and must be protected
Wants to overhaul state and US forest service rules to protect forests wisely
Greens want to rejuvenate the health of our oceans
Want strong policies to protect oceans such as
Banning off shore drilling
Ban toxic dump sites
Support Law of Sea Treaty and etc. Environmental Oppose :
Discriminatory English-only pressure groups. We call for a national language policy that would encourage all citizens to be fluent in at least two languages.
Lifting the ban prohibiting HIV positive people from entering the U.S. as visitors or as immigrants.
The undocumented immigrants who are already residing and working in the United States, and their families, should be granted a legal status which includes the chance to become U.S. citizens. Persons should be excluded from this process only if they present a clear and present danger to other members of our society.
for permanent border passes to all citizens of Mexico and Canada whose identity can be traced and verified. . All persons fleeing political, racial, religious, or other types of persecution must be welcomed and given permanent resident status.
c. Family reunification must be a priority in accepting applications for permanent residency
f. We must keep faith with our commitment to the United Nations
Measures to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers licenses if they can prove their identity and pass the required tests. This will improve road safety and allow the undocumented who are driving in any case to obtain insurance. The Green Party of the United States was founded in 2001 as a reincarnation of the older Association of Green parties and is committed to the fundamental themes of environmentalism, non-violence, and social justice. Introduction They are Grassroot activists, who have had "enough of corporate dominated" politics. Running for office this year, is Jill Stein. A medical doctor, Jill Stein is proposing a Green New Deal for America that will create 25 million jobs, end unemployment and transition our country to a green economy. Regarding individuals, they fully support the "Brady Bill" "Brady" is named after the man, James Brady, who was shot by John Hinckly during an attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. (Abortion should be covered under healthcare) UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE The Green Party supports single-payer universal health care and preventive care for all. Health care is a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE The national health care system should cover all standard procedures, treatments, diagnostics, and medication. All Americans must be covered under this plan, regardless of employment, income, housing, age, or prior medical condition. Single payer health care insurance collects all medical fees, and then pays for all the services through a "single" government source. U.S. is the only industrialized nation without a national health care system. Should be made a prescription drug that doctors must prescribe. They oppose illicit activities of the international drug trade, but are in favor of the legalization of industrial hemp (Cannabis)
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