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water consumption - sustainability

No description

Amanda Pride

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of water consumption - sustainability

sustainability WATER USES Shower Brushing teeth washing hands toilet drinking facewash cooking cleaning washing clothing The grey water used water from kitchen, sinks, shower and laundry WHERE DOES IT GO? Treatment Plants
Moa Point
Western plant in Karori
Sludge taken to
Southern Landfill Sludge Treatment Plant
HOW IS IT TREATED? Travels through a series of screens, tanks, bioreactors, clarifiers and then ultra violet treatments, ready to be discharged into Cook Strait. Energy Hydro - 55%
Gas/Coal - 33%
Geothermal - 7.7%
Biomass & other renewable sources 4%
Wind 2.2% HOT WATER - 28 % of household energy use Treated Water Te Marua - Hutt River at Kaitoke
Wainuiomata - Wainuiomata and Orongorongo
rivers, along with three small creeks
Waterloo and Gear Island - Waiwhetu aquifer
beneath Lower Hutt Improvements water efficient appliances/products
low-flow fixtures
fixing leaks

use non-toxic cleaners

use of greywater
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