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trial prezi

checking this out for scs class

Deb Pagnotta

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of trial prezi

Born to two incompatible children of the Russian Revolution I was towed around the world by my adventurous mom.
I escaped early, a magnet jetting gratefully, singularly,
away at 10, to boarding schools and then to college & law school. my joy 2001 At 40, fired to my shock for sheer politics, and still fueled by the Menshevik spirit, I married a gentle Italian detective. this is one of my favorite songs do your own prezi! I found my daughter, my joy, 8000 miles away in China. Prof. Deb Pagnotta

Seeking more joy, I abandoned law and find startling peace on the island of Iona College. (the end, officially)
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