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Gay Pride

Gay Pride: Then And Now

Sarah Dulong

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Gay Pride

Gay Pride
Then and Now
The first gay protest occured in 1969.
A group of drag queens and gay street
kids rioted for the right to be gay.
After that happened there were global
outbursts to try to control the gay protests
and riots.
Today, these protests are different. They aren't protests, they are celebrations and parades, to honor everyone's indaviduality.
The Path to Acceptance
It was a long hard battle to get from 1969 to 2012. It took a lot of courage and determination to get from riots to celebrations a lot of people had to accept the change, it wasn't easy.
Pride Week is August 17th-26th. The organizers ask Mayor David Crombie to recognize the event, but are turned down. Permission to march on Yonge Street is also denied.
Anita Bryant declares her war on homosexuality. A teenager, Emmanual Jacques, is raped and murdered above Yonge Street, and a strong backlash is leveled against the Toronto gay community.
From August 24th-27th, GAYDAYS: In Celebration of Lesbians and Gay Men, is held. This was the first year Pride Day was celebrated at Cawthra Park
Pride is held on July 1st, Canada Day, in Cawthra Park with 5,000 celebrants.For the first time Church Street is closed and people dance in the street.
Under the theme "Coming Together," Pride Day is held June 30th. 8,000 attend.
For "Viva la Difference," Pride Day gets its first parade Grand Marshals; Karen Andrews and Svend Robinson.20,000 people attend Pride celebrations. Official proclamation is again refused by Mayor Eggleton.
"Everyday, Everywhere: A New Decade of Pride" celebrates the tenth anniversary of the incorporation of the Pride Committee. City Council proclaims Pride Day for the first time. The parade Grand Marshals this year are Two-Spirited People of the First Nations. 80,000 people celebrate.In November, openly gay candidate Kyle Rae wins a seat as City Councilor for Ward 6
Pride's theme is "We Are Everyone's Family." The Grand Marshals are 4 lesbian couples who won the right to adopt their partner's children. 750,000 people celebrated during Pride Day and throughout the three-hour parade. The first ever Dyke March is held, with a turnout on Saturday of 5,000. Over 46 million dollars was spent by Pride tourists.
"Mega-Pride" is the theme for the first Pride Week celebration in the newly amalgamated "mega-city" of Toronto. Also, over 12,000 women participated in the Dyke march.
We have a celebration and everyone is accepting of each other.
The theme for Pride Week 2005 was: Pride 25: "25 years and counting". The Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto (MCC ) has achieved much in the areas of human rights and social justice over the last 32 years, most recently with the landmark same-sex marriage court case.
This year was the gay committee's chance to show the world who they are and what they're about with the theme of “Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.”
And, it doesn't matter if you are gay, lesbian or by.
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