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simi antich

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Iceland

Iceland Iceland map Iceland religion: about
80% catholic,2.8% dont
belong to any religion.And
about 6.2% belong to unregistered
Halsgrimkirkja is a famous churh in iceland Language: The main language is
Icelandic, the secondary
language is english The main sport is Glima
a wrestling game made in medival times.Also Icelandic people are good at hiking and rock climbing. Allso they love soccer. Kids life: Kids go to school
from about 3 to 18 then they go to university. The national bird is the puffin. Icelands holidays are much like ours, Before, the main religion was
viking religion, but later it
became christianiy. The national food is Porramature.
Its made of ram. These are the traditional
icelandic clothes.
The main exports are marine food,
electronic equipment for fishing and
aluminium. The products mostly go
to the european union, United states
and Japan. The main imports are
petroleum products, food stuff
and machinery.The main import parner is
Germany, U.S and Denmark. Economy The currency of iceland is
Krona. Icelands capital Reykjavik Icelands national day
is June 17. The day they
gained Independence
from Denmark in 1944.
Today they celebrate this
holiday by doing a parade
and then saying speeches.
Then some musicians play
and children get candy.
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