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Rome,Venezula,and France-Anthony R

No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Rome,Venezula,and France-Anthony R

Topic sentence
Anthony R.
Rome,Venezuela,and France are three diffrent countries that coused problems like,Economic,Political,and social.
First,Rome governors forced to convensed people to pay high taxes and spent the money on luxuries for themselves and on weapons for the army .But the price of oil has dropped by half in the past few months,so it will make less money this year.The French government thinks that he knows why many immigrants or people of diffrent religions are angry.Poor families will get more money to help with school cost.
Next,Rome had slaves doing the work for them to build something.The wealthy and powerful people in Rome Inored the problems of the Poor.Many people living outside Paris said they understood how they felt.He live outside where two people were killed in 2005 and the Rome does not know who killed them.The government wanted children to learn French values.
Venezuela Political
Third,Rome governor was telling the slaves what to do and they want to get another place were other people live.The Rome wanted the government to do something with the slaves the Proticion were the rich people they live in a small house.They did little or nothing for the common people, who fell depeer and depeer into debt and had little opportunety to take part in government.All three were powerful generals.
Rome,Venezuela,and France
Rome,Venezuela,and France are three diffrent countries that coused problems like,Economic,Political,and Social.
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