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MaKaylee Merritt

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Sound

Without Sound?
If there was no sound in theater, it would be hard to understand the story.
Now with a microphone you can sing loudly so people can hear the sound you're making.
Microphones can be cordless or hanging.
How loud?
Sound in
Sound can be used for playing music or background noises, for example this is called a sound board and it is used for these things.
Knowing how loud something should be is good. If something is too loud it can be bad for the audience. So it is important to know how loud something should be.
There are many songs that have been recreated in different ways. How the song sounds determines how you feel about them.
Project Choices

Performance Option-
A person sits in a chair and an actor thinks of a character and they will act using their voice and the one sitting in a chair guesses what character they were acting out.
Visual Aid
Project Choices

Written-write a song/poem that is 45 seconds about sound in theater and read or sing it to a person of your choice.
(Listen 15 seconds.)
(Listen 15 seconds.)
Draw 10 different sound equipments that represent sound and have a partner guess what they are. (2 people)
( Listen 15 seconds )
(2 people)
(4 people)
It can change anything!
Sound can make you
have different feelings or
emotions, like HAPPY, SCARY and EXCITING!
(Listen 15 seconds)
once loudly once lowly.

Sound Design
How Music Sounds
The process of specifying
audio elements. It is used in TV, theater, radio, and video game development.
Sound design mostly involves previously composed or recorded sounds like sound effects and dialogue used by a microphone .
Sound History
An Italian composer, Luigi Russolo built mechanical sound making devices, called '' intonarumori, '' for futurist theatrical and music performances around 1913.
Fun Fact
Sound History
Fun Fact
The use of sound to evoke emotion, reflect mood and underscore
actions in plays and dances began in prehistoric times. At its earliest ,
it was used in religious practices for healing or just for fun. In ancient Japan, theatrical events called kagura were performed in Shinto shrines with music and dance
MIDI and digital audio technology helped to drive the rapid evolution of sound design during the 1980s and 1990s. The World Wide Web has greatly enhanced the ability of sound designers to acquire source material quickly, easily, and cheaply.
SOUND Technology
Design Choices
Silento'-Watch Me 3:22
Shawn Mendas- Stitches 4:00
Rachel Platten- Fight Song 3:26
Taylor Swift-Bad Blood 4:05
Walk The Moon- Shut up and Dance 4:07
OMI- Cheerleader 3:10
Katy Perry- Roar 4:30
Pharrel Williams-Happy 4:07
American Authors-Best Day Of My Life 3:41


Sound in Theatre
Speakers help out in plays. If you want something loud turn on the speakers.
Design Choices
Sound Cue Sheet
Sound design has been around almost since theatre started. Dan Dugan, working with three stereo tape decks routed to ten loudspeaker zones during the 1968-69 season of American Conservatory Theatre (ACT) San Francisco, was the first person to be called a sound designer.
Sound Design
Sound Definition
Sound is vibrations that travel through the air and can be heard when the vibrations reach a persons or animals ear.
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