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Juan Troncales

on 14 June 2013

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Training is done under the supervision of the Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM)-Philippine Army National Capital Region. A graduation requirement for all seniors, optional for aspiring CAT officers for freshmen up to junior high school students.

Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT) in Notre Dame of Greater Manila
What is CAT?
TITLE III, MILITARY SERVICE, ARTICLE I Obligation to Serve and Length of Service, Section 51. "
All Filipinos are liable to military service.

To enhance the students’ social responsibility and commitment to the development of their communities;
To develop the ability to uphold the law and order as they assume active participation in the community activities; and
To teach readiness in assisting the members of the community especially in times of emergency
It deals with the introduction and exposure of the learner to basic knowledge, unfamiliar situations and experiences as well as activities related to military
It refers to any activity that helps achieve the general welfare and the betterment of life of the members of the community.
The Program is a requirement for graduation for all fourth year high school students in both public and private secondary schools.
It is defined in
DepEd Order No. 35 s. 2003 and
DepEd Order No. 50 s. 2005
as a restructuring of the
“Citizen Army Training.”

Each cadet shall be given 25 points as merits at the beginning of every quarter. For every infraction of regulations, she/he shall be penalized by demerits. Additional merits may be awarded.
Class C (5-4 Demerits)
Class B (10-6 Demerits)
Class A (30-10 Demerits)
Gross disrespect of superior officers
Abuse of authority
Unexcused absence
Destruction of school property
Cheating during examinations
Violation of standing instructions
Long hair and mustache (for cadets)
Points the rifle at any person
Rumor mongering
Making boisterous remarks while in ranks
Sleeping in classroom while instruction is being conducted
Tardiness in formation
Unkempt hair
Major Misdemeanors
Grave Misdemeanors
Less Grave Misdemeanors
Slouching in ranks
Rolling up of sleeves
Spitting in ranks
Does any act detrimental to discipline while in ranks (howling shouting, etc.)
Chewing of gums or candies while in ranks
Carelessly laying aside the rifle
Wearing of dirty uniform
Commits any act similar in nature as the offenses mentioned
Class d (3-1 demerits)
Minor Misdemeanors and Omission
Un-tucked T-shirt
Not using of hairnet for cadettes
Unpolished brass articles
Dirty face
Not bringing of handouts
Wearing of uniform other than the one prescribed
Falling out from ranks without permission
Lazily dragging the rifle
Commits any act similar in nature to the above offenses.
Basic Expectations from cadets
Wear your proper uniform.
Observe proper grooming and bearing.
Be cordial to your officers.
Observe silence inside the lecture room
Listen and participate attentively to the instructor.
Should you have any inquiries about CAT, consult your officers or the CAT Commandant
Observe regular attendance and punctuality.
Obey all orders given by your officers.
Always move in “Double Time”.
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