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Goals and Where I'm Going

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Christina Rouse

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Goals and Where I'm Going

Goals Academically Physically Socially Athletics Balance Awareness Leadership Peer Pressure I strive to maintain good grades in school.

To motivate myself, I set various goals to keep me pointed in the right direction.

One of my goals is to continue to get First Honors all throughout highschool.
This goal will help me on my journey after high school, providing me with an advanced work ethic and a desire for success.

I am hoping that this goal will also help propel me to Duke University, the college I wish to attend.
It is one of my goals to make Varsity on both Track and Cross Country each year. Another goal is to make it to State individually in Cross Country, and eventually be All-State. It is crucial to have a balanced health: that means both practicing healthy and smart eating habits. Therefore, it is one of my goals to maintain a balanced diet as a means of maximizing my happiness and longevity. It is necesary to continue to be aware of my health and to monitor it.

Not only is it a goal of mine to keep my health in check, but I would like to help spread awareness to others. It is my goal to become a good example for people in society: I want to be a leader. I am not one for Student Council or Class President, but I think that leaders who aren't necesarily elected can emerge in social situations. Peer pressure plays a huge role on how people react in social situations.

It is my goal to resist this pressure, because nobody's ideas should be compromised just because the majority doesn't agree. It is my goal to stand strong and firm in my beliefs. Even when it isn't the "cool" thing to do.
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