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Academic Biology


Simone Deighan

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Academic Biology

Biology G e n e t i c s Mendilian Genetics Father of Genetics: Gregor Mendel
Mendel Studied: Pea Pant Characteristics
Alternative form of a gene: Allele
Sea pea Characteristics Mendel Studied:
Flower Color
Flower Position
Seed Color
Seed Shape
Pod Shape
Pod Color
Stem Length
True-breeding pea plants: Plants that are homozygous for either the recessive or dominant trait(when self pollinated, will only produce flowers of one color) Punnett Square Problem Examples: Q: If purple is dominant over white, what percentage of offspring would be purple if a heterozygous male mated with a homozygous female
A: 100%

Q: Mate a heterozygous male with purple flowers with a heterozygous female with purple flowers. What is your percentage of white flowers as well as your percentage of purple flowers? Show your Pheno and genotypic ratios

A: white Flowers: 25%
Purple Flowers: 75%
phenotypic ratio- 3:1
genotypic ratio- 1:2:1 Vocab tt: Represents a homozygous recessive genotype
Phenotype: This term is used to describe how trait is physically expressed (i.e. brown eyes)
Pp: Represents a heterozygous genotype
Punnett Square: One can use this to determine the probable outcomes of a particular cross
BB: Represents a homozygous dominant genotype
Genotype: This is the term used to describe the following- tt, Rr, BB, Cc
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