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Chasing Brooklyn

english Honors book review

Cydney Wakefield

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of Chasing Brooklyn

By:Lisa Schroeder
Setting:Is in present day 2010-2012 and the story is set in a small town , where everyone knows everyone else's business
Rising Action:
Main Characters:
-Beautiful and caring artist who is in love with Lucca who is also an artist
Creative artist who is in love with Brooklyn and dies in a car accident caused by his best friend Gabe who was under the influence when driving..
Survives the wreck but blames himself for Lucca's death and one year later he dies of an overdose.
Lucca's older brother who feels he can never live up to Lucca's reputation because ha was so loved and cared for.But Nicco is just as caring and helpful as Lucca but in his own unique way.
Gabe has just died and Brooklyn and Nicco have no idea how to deal with another loss of a friend.Brooklyn regrets not spending more time with him as she promised to herself after Lucca's death. Soon Gabe starts showing up in her dreams making them into nightmares. Lucca's spirit starts leaving subtle hints to Nicco that Brooklyn needs help. Nicco contacts Brooklyn and they start spending time together and becoming friends.
Brooklyn and Nicco begin developing feelings for each other. As they train for the triathlon .Lucca's spirit is visiting Nicco more often and every time Brooklyn closes her eyes Gabe is standing there coming towards her. No matter how hard Brooklyn tries she can't escape Gabe or her dreams. One day when Brooklyn is very upset she ends up kissing Nicco for comfort.
Falling Action:
Chasing Brooklyn
Main Conflict:
Brooklyn has lost her first love Lucca and it's been over a year since the accident and she believes her friend Gabe is haunting her for unknown reasons and is causing her horrible nightmares.
Nicco and Brooklyn finally realize Lucca and Gabe just wanted them to be happy, so finally they gave each other a chance and finished the triathlon together, and they fell in love.
Moral of the story is just because something bad happens or you lose someone you really care about, you should understand that the most important thing is happiness. Your loved one will always no matter what, want you to be happy, so you should always allow yourself to be happy even if you have to work at it, and it might not be easy but in the end its what's right and we all know that deep down.
Climax :
By:Cydney Wakefield
When Brooklyn is sitting at Jasons Cliff a girl from her school walks up and sits with her.This girl's boyfriend died a year ago from jumping off the cliff,and she reassures Brooklyn that their lost loves would want them to be happy no matter whom they fell in love with, or what it took to become happy. This is the moment when Brooklyn decided she will give her and Nicco a try, because she knows in her heart that Lucca would want her to be happy in the end.
When Brooklyn and Nicco allow themselves to be together and enter the triathaolon together.Gabe and Lucca finally comunicate to Brooklyn and Nicco that they want them to be together, and to show them to stop worrying about them and to live their life's together.
I would give the Gateway book "Chasing Brooklyn" a thumbs up. This book is very simple to read and I love the format of how it is written,to look like a letter or diary entree. I feel that Brooklyn's character is very easy to relate to and not because of her losing a loved one but the way she analyzes situations and her reactions to certain scenarios. The writing is very descriptive. And I particularly enjoy when she is writing in her journal about when she was swimming and she wrote the lines to resemble she swimming laps.
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