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Freshman Project


Rory Madigan

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Freshman Project

- A sneakerhead is a collector of rare pairs of sneakers.

- Sneakerheads will do anything to get their hands on a pair on sneakers

- Sneakerheads have a passion and a love for collecting shoes What's a Sneakerhead? Where It All Started Kids in the early 90's would steal and even kill to get the next pair of Jordans Hip Hop Influence The Hip Hop world was first introduced in 1986 with Run DMC's single "My Adidas" Sneakerheads Today Sneakerheads today can have massive collections
Nowadays, shoe collectors can order their shoes online without waiting in huge lines The emergence of consignment shops and sneakerhead websites has also played a huge role in the shoe game Sneakerhead Websites These websites can include release dates for new shoes, the latest celebrity footwear, and reviews on shoes Sneaker News Kicks on Fire Nice Kicks Consignment Shops Recently sneaker consignment shops have been popping up all over New York City and the U.S. Typically these stores have the rarest shoes on the market, and there prices are usually astronomical Flight Club, NYC/LA Bodega, Boston Undefeated, Las Vegas Reselling Some sneakerheads just buy sneakers at retail price to resell them for a much higher price.

This huge raise in price from retail to resell, is due to the high demand for these exclusive shoes. Air Jordan 11 "Concords" Retail Price:
$180 Total Profit: $420 Total Profit: $2750 Retail Price:
$250 Resell Price:
$3000 Nike Air Yeezy 2 Retail Price: $220 Resell Price
$1600 Total Profit: $1380 Nike Lebron 9 "Galaxy" Resell:
$600 Resell Price:
$500 Total Profit: $320 Sneaker Con Event for Sneakerheads about once every month

Sneaker Con moves city to city across the U.S.

"Sneaker Con is the premier traveling event for sneaker connoisseurs to buy, sell and trade some of the most sought after footwear on the market." -Sneaker Con Chicago How it Works Small Admission Fee ($10-$15)
People set up tables, and display their vast shoe collection, which are up for sale
Other sneakerheads just mill around the area looking for a trade with another fellow sneakerhead Miami Los Angeles Lines and Fights Air Jordan 11 "Concord" Exclusive shoe releases push sneakerheads to new limits
Sneakerheads wait in line for days to get a new release.
Fights are common December
Freezing Rain
Lines began outside of Niketown, days before the anticipated release Concord Line Fights for Concords The Big Picture
Why Do Sneakerheads Matter? Sneakerheads cause for new innovation
They brought a new dimension to the fashion world
Huge impact and influence on today's street culture
Caused the recent rise in sneaker prices
New fad that will increase in popularity and gain attention for decades to come I decided to poll the Delbarton freshman class, and a Columbia statistics class to see if they were sneakerheads The Questions The poll consisted of 5 questions 1.) How many pairs of sneakers do you own?
2.) Do you know what a sneakerhead is?
3.) What is the most you have ever spent on one pair of sneakers?
4.) What is the longest time you have spent waiting in line for a pair of sneakers?
5.) How often do you visit sneaker websites such as Sneakernews, Kicks on Fire, Sole Collector, Nice Kicks, etc.? And I got some interesting results Results Sneaker Sightings Around Delbarton The Jordan 7 "Hare" pictured on Cian's feet Cole spotted at Trinity wearing his Nike flyknit trainers. Anthony spotted wearing his Air Jordan 7 "Bordeaux" Hank Negron, wearing his new Nike Roshe Runs at _______ Insert Picture Sneakerheads at Delbarton and Columbia? This craze for sneakers first came with the release of the Air Jordan 1 "Banned"

Michael Jordan, brought swagger, confidence and immense ability to the NBA, something that all kids wanted New York City Retail Price:
$180 Nike Foamposite "Galaxy"
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