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Driverless Cars

No description

Alekya Boda

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Driverless Cars

The Next Generation

Autonomous systems, which are able to
control steering, braking, and accelerating, are
already starting to appear in cars;

Driverless Cars
Park Assist
Cruise control
These systems require drivers to keep an
eye on the road and hands on the wheel.

BMW’s self-driving prototype, could be available in less than
a decade and free drivers to work, text, or just relax

Have shown off cars that can drive themselves, and they have all declared that within a decade they plan to sell some form of
advanced automation

Google, meanwhile, is investing millions
in autonomous driving software
Its driverless cars have become a familiar sight on the highways around Silicon Valley over the last several years.

The road ahead seems likely to have fewer traffic accidents and less congestion and pollution
U.S. auto insurers, show that cars with forward collision warning systems, which either warn the driver about an impending crash or apply the brakes automatically, are involved in far fewer crashes than cars without them.

More comprehensive autonomy could reduce traffic accidents further still.

90 percent of road crashes
involve human error
Autonomous driving will reduce the number of accidents on the road by a similar percentage

Almost 33,000 people die on the roads in the United States each year, at a cost of $300 billion, according to the American Automobile Association.
The World Health Organization estimates that worldwide over 1.2 million people die on roads every year.
The benefits to society will be huge.

A screen fixed to the passenger side of the dashboard showed the world as the car perceives it: three lanes, on which a tiny animated version of the car is surrounded by a bunch of floating blue blocks, each corresponding to a nearby vehicle or to an obstacle like one of the barriers on either side of the road.

“The car looked normal from the outside. There’s no place on a sleek luxury sedan for the huge rotating laser scanners seen on the prototypes being tested by Google.”

The car can lock onto a vehicle in front and follow it along the road at a safe distance. To follow at a constant distance, the car’s computers take over not only braking and accelerating, as with conventional adaptive cruise control, but steering too.
Using a stereo camera, radar, and an infrared camera, the S-Class can also spot objects on the road ahead and take control of the brakes to prevent an accident.
The engineers eagerly demonstrated this by accelerating toward a dummy placed in the center of the track.
“At about 80 kilometers per hour, he took his hands off the wheel and removed his foot from the accelerator. Just when impact seemed all but inevitable, the car performed a near-perfect emergency stop, wrenching us forward in our seats but bringing itself to rest about a foot in front of the dummy, which bore an appropriately terrified expression.”


The Technology of driverless cars improves the stability of vehicles the helps in minimizing the loss of the control.
These cars are designed in reducing the accidents like collisions, drowsiness, driving errors and distractions.
Driverless cars are very useful.
They could be soon in the market within a little span of time.
Driverless car is robotic designed in a way to travel between the destinations without human operation.
Driverless cars can accelerate to exact speed limit.
Driverless cars are more secure when compare with the cars with drivers.
The main cause of the traffic accidents are beacuse of driver errors.
With the improvement in this technology, car will concentrate for us to reach the destinationation safely.
Parking Assintance
These cars are integrated with GPS, hardware sensors, software's like artificial intelligence.
> Radars
> Lasers
> Artificial Intelligence - It helps in providing the car to take the real time decisions.
Reduction in the car accidents
Environment Friendly
Increase in the productivity
Use of application in different industries.
Managing the flow of traffic that increases the capacity of road.
Besides many advantages there are few disadvantages too. They are as follows:
1. If vehicle has internet connections, hackers can switch off vehicle on the roads.
2. There is a chace of changing the route by the hackers.
3. If the main and the backup sensors are failed there are chances of accidents.
A video on working of driverless car
Google Driverless car
It would be commercial suicide not to invest heavily in an automated future.
A world of cars that drive themselves
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