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No description

Wendy Salas

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of WALL-E

By: Wendy Salas
The name of the movie I will analyze with knowledge of the Joseph Campbell's " The heros journey" and have observed some of these archetypes
Unusual birth/childhood

Call to adventure
Wall-E is found living with his pet cockroach. After being introduced to Eve , a dangerous robot sent to prove that life is still possible in earth, He began to fall inlove with her and decides to hand her the last living plant. Eve takes the plant and automatically goes to sleep mode. When a spaceship comes to take Eve back, Wall-E too goes with her, Giving Wall-E a new task.
Humans have abonded earth and Wall-E has been left living with his pet cackroach . He has adapted to the job of turning garbage into boxes of trash. He also collects human artifacts bringing them home where he lives in a garage.
Wall-E's home
Crossing the threshold
The challenges or trails
supernatural helper/ Mentor
The Special Weapon
The Temptation
The transformation
The Return Home
The Mastery of two Worlds
when sneaking into the spaceship in space Wall-E struggled to communicate with humans because humans were so focused and obsessed with what technology was able to do.
Crossing the threshold meaning the character coming between life and the unknown challenges. An example of one found in "Wall-E" would be
Wall-E faces 1 transformation in the movie
the transformation of becoming a heroooo
The Heros Journey
Wall-E makes humans realize that life isnt good being spent all day in technology and that life back in earth is better.
At the end Wall-E returns back home with humans adapting to live on earth again.
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