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Physical theatre lesson 1

No description

chris thomas

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Physical theatre lesson 1

PHYSICAL THEATRE Expectations Stop and Go
To begin to understand what is meant by "physical theatre".

To experiment with some simple physical exercises. Lesson Objectives What might this term mean? Physical Theatre Mime
Using your body to create a shape
Using your body to tell a story
Exaggerated movement
Stage fighting
Moving as an ensemble
Moving in time to music
Non-naturalistic Words, music and props are often used BUT the main focus is on the actor’s body Telling stories through movement and the use of the body Three famous companies that use physical theatre:



PUSH What is your opinion of this
type of theatre?

How do they tell stories?

What skills are they using? One simple form of physical theatre that you already know:

Frozen Pictures A tropical beach A sunrise Fireworks Graveyard Now bring this still image to life

15 seconds in length
No talking
Be creative How effective is physical theatre?

Do you enjoy working in this way?

What are the benefits of working with just the body and movement? In your books write down your understanding of what physical theatre is and how did you use physical theatre in today’s lesson. Homework
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