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Jalapeño Restaurant


jhube cainglet

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Jalapeño Restaurant

Company Description
Executive Summary
Marketing Plan
Company Structure

Aldrich Aranas
Juvimer Cainglet
Francesca Zephyr
Neil Diaz
Target Market
Work Experience
Sunday -Thursday
12:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Friday -Saturday
12:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M.
Mexican Restaurant
30 customers
Open kitchen
Different stations
Mexican theme
Employee uniform
Operation Hours
for Ads
Karen Delmundo
Design: unique Mexican dining experience
Each ingredient would be laid out in front of you
Location: the South West area of Montreal, in the Little Burgundy neighborhood
Employees: 6 part-time cooks and 8 part-time cashiers; preferably, native Mexicans chefs in our kitchen
The hours of operation will be Sunday -Thursday from 12:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. and Friday -Saturday from 12:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M.

Service Design
Development Plan

 High-quality products

 Reliable suppliers and alternative suppliers

 Reasonable pricing

 Consumer friendly menu

 Strong workforce

 Interactive social networking sites

 Lack of brand recognition

 Limited Income sources

 Do not serve variety of foods
 Word of mouth from family and relatives

 High demand of a variety of dishes from consumers

 Culture diversity in the city

 Active location

 Competition against main players in the industry

 Fluctuation in the economy

 Potential “ramp-up” struggles

Market Analysis
Jalapeño Mexican Restaurant
Mexican culture

Blending of Native and European cultures, and to a lesser extent, African and Asian culture

Montreal is a multicultural city

Main Mexican dishes are burritos, burrito bowls, crispy and soft tacos, salads, chips and guacamole

Spices: chili powder and chipotle, a smoked-dried jalapeño pepper
Jalapeño Responsibility
Support family farmers

Family farms are slowly disappearing

They take great care to respect their farmland

Advantages : reduce food miles, support rural economies, and ensure fresh, great-tasting seasonal products
6 part-time cooks
8 part-time cashiers
Native Mexicans chefs

South-West area of Montreal
In the Little Burgundy neighborhood
Mexican food has been generally perceived as an unhealthy choice.
Serving the best food with great nutrition and value. The main Mexican dishes are burritos, burrito bowls, crispy and soft tacos, salads, chips and guacamole. Hiring Native Mexican chefs to serve a really Mexican taste
The target market is starting from 5 years to 54 years old. That is around 1,112,000 people in Montreal and around 26,000 are Mexican Canadian in Quebec.
The main competitor is Tres Amigos. Jalapeno is more like a fast food restaurant that serves nutritious food.
Native Chefs to give the tight Mexican Taste and owners with business background.
Financial Summary
After a year, we expect to have a net income of $259,660.00 and a gross profit of 37.47%
For the first month, we are aiming to have a net income of $2,550 with 2.55% gross profit in sales.
Industry Analysis
Prices vary from
$15 to $20 for combo
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