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PlayScience Client Presentation

Concentric Communications Campaigns 433

Kinsey Russell

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of PlayScience Client Presentation

Digital Media
Industry by
Concentric Communications Key Research
Findings PlayScience, LLC. Presentation Objective 1: To increase awareness and establish
the brand identity of PlayScience
among its target audiences
of academics, industry and consumers To introduce PlayScience's
brand identity
to consumers
Strategy 1: Plan a weekend retreat for academics and members of the industry at Glacier Canyon Lodge, WI
Tactic 1:
Send out invitations Tactic 2:
Keynote speaker and recreational activies To unite members from all
academic fields
Industry and Academic Objective 3:
Objective 2: Strategy 1: Strategy 2: Strategy 1: Consumer Establish presence through social networking Web site
Tactic 1: Create Twitter Account Tactic 2: Tweet about events, news and
Future contests Tactic 3: Follow competition and target audiences Establish a visual
through internet
streaming video
Tactic 1: Produce PSAs for children
To promote the PlayScience database Implement marketable ways
to notify the academic
field of the database Tactic 1: Create an internet newsletter
for the organization and electronically
distribute it monthly. Encourage
experienced organization members to
write about new studies and research Tactic 2: Develop a list of relevant topics to discuss
in the newsletter to provide
an open forum area $12 billion dollars
Constantly developing
Understand what consumer wants
Consumer spending
A link between these two audiences
PlayScience can better this relationship
Monitor video game and Internet use more than television viewing
Receive media info from friends and family
Would not trust a third-party seal of approval
PlayScience needs to gain trust of consumers Goal Academic
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